tomorrow: Spirit-Led Climate Action among Quakers: 4 pm Saturday By Margaret McCasland ·
Fw: Upcoming Training Sessions for Volunteer Drivers! By Carol Clarke ·
Climate Justice and Earthcare events this week (plus an action & some resources) By Margaret McCasland ·
Anatol Ligeven of QI on a Possible Ukraine War Diplomatic Endgame. By Ruth Yarrow ·
Announcement about Sunday noon action against war in Ukraine By Carol Clarke ·
Thank you for signing the open letter in solidarity with Russian protestors By Ruth Yarrow ·
Naomi Klein in The Intercept on the current situation By Carol Clarke ·
Fw: "Slavery by Another Name" film and discussion on March 2nd By Carol Clarke ·
International Climate Policy: From Quiet Diplomacy to Youth Activism! By Margaret McCasland ·
Tell Congress and White House You Want Restraint and Negotiations By Amala Lane ·
Being Anti-War During War By Melissa Blake ·
documentary film about the Attica uprising available until March 1 By Shirley Way ·
Enlightening background to the Ukraine crisis By Ruth Yarrow ·
Another response to the horror of war on Ukraine By Ruth Yarrow ·
Verses Versus War tonight By Ruth Yarrow ·
[Ithaca CW] Tues 2/22 Responding to War Threats on Russia - the Antiwar Movement Comes Together to respond. By Ruth Yarrow ·
[noon] Funding for Onondaga Nation School By Margaret McCasland ·
Urgent action on AUMF for VA, NY, MT and VT By Ruth Yarrow ·
Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance, Meeting Minutes, Oct 26, 2021 By Elizabeth Schneider ·
No War with Russia Rally today at 10 a.m. at Wegman's/CVS bridge peace triangle By Amala Lane ·
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