Blaming Pres. Trump is too easy By Ruth Yarrow ·
Hang onto hope By Ruth Yarrow ·
Update 11/2 from the JUST Democracy Coalition-Tompkins Area By Shirley Way ·
Ithaca Democratic Socialists of America event, tomorrow, 4-6pm, Bernie Milton Pavilion By Shirley Way ·
preparing for election day and post-election days, weeks and months By Shirley Way ·
Thank you for joining the Prepare & breathe: Bystander intervention and de-escalation training By Ruth Yarrow ·
What if? 2 messages By Ruth Yarrow ·
Prevent an Election Coup! By Ruth Yarrow ·
Basic Peace Team Training with Dr. Tom Hastings/Portland Peace Team By Ruth Yarrow ·
TCAT open house - 1-3 pm and 5-7pm today! By Ruth Yarrow ·
[TC SURJ Leadership Circle] Fwd: For Immediate Release: County Administrator Hosting Public Forum on Police Reform, Seeking Community Input, Update on Collaborative with City of Ithac By Ruth Yarrow ·
Powell House: Drawing on Our Quaker Roots By Melanie Claire Mallison ·
Sing out the vote! - online concert series By Margaret McCasland ·
Lecture tonight on how we can prevent a slide into dictatorship. George Lakey is optimistic and a little light-hearted in his presentation. By Nancy Riffer ·
Vigil to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg 7-8 pm tonight Bernie Milton Pavilion By Amala Lane ·
climate justice events during international climate week Sept. 21-27 By Margaret McCasland ·
Reclaiming our sense of humanity By Nancy Riffer ·
Women for Human Rights & The Defense of Nature || Climate Week 2020 By Margaret McCasland ·
[TC SURJ] Fwd: Let's support our neighbors together By Nancy Riffer ·
Let's support our neighbors together By Ruth Yarrow ·
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