sticky Welcome with instructions 2 messages By Marin Clarkberg ·
PRAYER VIGILS for SAFETY and PEACE for the Inauguration -- Ithaca faith communities By Jim Grant ·
Tues. 1/19 5:30 PM Memorial to Remember and Honor COVID-19 losses By Amala Lane ·
Change in Pell grants for persons behind bars By Elizabeth Schneider ·
Free films on MLK and civil rights this weekend By Nancy Riffer ·
Public reading of Dr. King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail By Nancy Riffer ·
Quaker UN Office people's empowerment series By Margaret McCasland ·
Hurricanes Eta and Iota Affect Millions... By Shirley Way ·
B. Bernard; please help By Ruth Yarrow ·
All Hands on Deck Needed to Support HR-40! By Ruth Yarrow ·
Fw: Come to Open Doors' closing event Sat. at 7:30! - more about this and link By Carol Clarke ·
Fw: Silent Auction to benefit immigrants and refugees - now! By Carol Clarke ·
progressive and popular By Elizabeth V. Keokosky ·
Big, loving, and audacious By Margaret McCasland ·
Blaming Trump is Too Easy By Ruth Yarrow ·
Van Jones makes it clear By Ruth Yarrow ·
Blaming Pres. Trump is too easy By Ruth Yarrow ·
Hang onto hope By Ruth Yarrow ·
Update 11/2 from the JUST Democracy Coalition-Tompkins Area By Shirley Way ·
Ithaca Democratic Socialists of America event, tomorrow, 4-6pm, Bernie Milton Pavilion By Shirley Way ·
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