Vigil Tuesday: Climate Emergency

Margaret McCasland

As Laurie wrote, there is much that is good in the bill, but it is also important to note that Manchin wrangled a deal where more federal gas and oil leases need to be sold BEFORE the funding for renewables can be released. So we still need to call for as much as possible to be done as soon as possible.

Here is a link to an action from FCNL, who supports the bill while noting it is not perfect:

Here is a link to a google doc with an email from Extinction Rebelion NYC (XR-NYC) that explains the problems that need to be addressed more than ever if the bill passes (not quite a done deal yet). It also includes text from 2 different emails from FCNL:

an overview of the bill from the Washington Post (you have to scroll well down to see the part XR NYC is concerned about):

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Corner of Green and Cayuga streets, by the public library


The reconciliation bill negotiated by Sen. Schumer and Sen. Manchin, called the Inflation Reduction Act, has some great environmental policies in it, but it still isn’t everything we need to stop climate change.  The national movement People vs. Fossil Fuels is organizing communities to call on President Biden to declare a climate emergency to really address the devastation already happening NOW.  Please come rally with the local Sunrise Movement, Green New Deal Network, Extinction Rebellion Ithaca, and Climate Justice Cornell TOMORROW.



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