video launch re: Poplar Ridge heat pumps 2 pm Sun 4/18

Margaret McCasland

The Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting installed air source heat pumps through HeatSmart CNY, helping them cut their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions and make the space more usable for the community.  We did a very short (~ 5 minutes) little video about the project and are hosting a “video premiere watch party” on YouTube this Sunday at 2 pm.  I’ll be hosting a live chat on the side. Might you be able to join us? Please feel free to share this!


Video Premiere & Watch Party! 

Heat Pumps Help Congregation Care for Creation, Climate, and Community

Sunday, April 18, 2pm

Register here:

How can congregations reduce their contribution to climate change by decarbonizing their heating system, at the same time cutting operating costs and creating more comfortable spaces for their community to use? This is a live premiere which will allow everyone to watch together, while HeatSmart CNY will host a live chat and answer any questions viewers may have. 

In this video, representatives of the Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting in upstate New York detail their congregation’s journey from fossil fuels to cleaner, efficient heating and cooling. The advantages of installing cold climate air source heat pumps for their meeting house will be discussed, including their efficiency, affordability, and wi-fi control capabilities. Learn about the heating and cooling process, and listen to how the congregation and community’s ability to utilize building spaces has increased due to year-round comfort, and how this long-term investment will ensure this space is warm and welcoming while helping preserve our planet for generations to come.


Lindsay Speer 

Director of Community Programs
Alliance for a Green Economy
Syracuse, NY 

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