Many Forms of Support Needed

Margaret McCasland

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Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2022 at 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: Many Forms of Support Needed

p.s. please boost FUNDRAISING asap -- Venmo @SolidarityIthaca or
These are the quickest fundraiser options for getting money to people at the front lines.

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Hi all -- 
Sum up where we are at: 
So much happening. CNP generally pursuing lots of surveillance and mindgames. Community still on high alert. Police never came to put up a police line at the Varick or anything, Gayogohono people and friends are continuing to occupy and stay on the land there, even though the buildings are half demolished and we need to be able to continue to occupy it and protect it as best we can so they can't claim it's been abandoned, or move in there and prevent us from getting back in. We are also holding down watch lines to protect other houses under threat. Demolition equipment and lots of mercenaries still moving around town. 

The collective energy out here has been amazing beyond words, thanks to everyone who has shown up in so many ways. But we vastly need to grow our networks so people can rest. Here are ways to help. 

Please share the Support Hotlines spreadsheet (new name, same link as before). It's the one-stop-shop for figuring out how to plug in.

1. Virtual support 
We are designing our systems and hotlines to maximize what can be done remotely -- doing over-the-phone volunteer intake, over-the-phone supply request sorting, debriefing/emotional support for people on the ground etc. Some lines need coverage 24/7.

 We will be doing a big online-orientation to train people on these processes as soon as we have enough people have SUBMIT YOUR AVAILABILITY for remote work. Please interpret availability as you have at least an hour free where you could be a dedicated person paying attention to online chats and answering your phone and following up as need be.

2. On the ground: not front lines 
We need people coming out to Seneca Falls to help cook meals for people, do food drop offs, supply and trash pick-ups, clean houses, etc. Esp Indigenous healers who can bring good medicine, first aid plant medicine for elders under stress. All of this makes everything so much easier for the whole network of human beings holding down the front lines.

3. On the ground, friends on the front lines
We very much need people on the front lines.  Legal observers and Medics, esp and people who have front lines experience from across Turtle Island.

 We will be putting out calls on social media later today -- watch our pages and SHARE. Use the Hashtags being used in our posts.

Nyaweh/Thank you,
-Maddie, organizer/frontline friend, #HalftownMustGo