Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance Minutes, Minutes, April 26, 2022 Addendum

Elizabeth Schneider

Hi Everyone--Just a reminder to help out with the transition efforts as you are able.  We really are in crunch time here.  Once my semester is over I can probably help out more.  But it would be reassuring to know that at least each of the transition tasks has a point person.  I'm pasting below the action items from the meeting minutes:
  • Please send photos of offered household items and share them with Drucila to see if she is interested.
  • (Ithaca Friends, If you have something and wish to provide a photo, send it to me, Elizabeth, at neschneid@...). I will see that it gets sent to her.

  • Linda Yetter suggest that the Transition Team grow so that there is a point person for each of the tasks before Drucila:  1-Housing in a private residence. 2-Housing in an apartment.  3-childcare. 4-childcare–summer. 5- NY State ID
  • ACTION ITEM: If you are interested in serving as the lead for any of these tasks (in the previous section) please send an email to Madonna, Jackie and Linda.  If you are interested in being “on call” for transportation and/or childcare on short notice to help with the job search, please let Linda Yetter know–she wants to expand her list of volunteers.
  • ACTION ITEM 2: if you are willing to serve as a reference for Drucila for a job or housing, please let her know directly.
  • Finding free or reduced rent housing:  This remains the best possible option for Drucila and Jessie in at least the short-term, since it would allow her to build some savings.

Please renew appeals to networks on this–Barbara and Elly have created a template for an appeal letter and will also let Michael know of families who have hosted refugees, asylees, etc.  Perhaps organize an event in the next few weeks for those families to offer testimonials about the experience for people in the broad ISA network who might be interested.