Area Congregations Together (ACT) invites you to work with Ithaca MobilePack to address hunger

Jim Grant

ACT is working together with Ithaca MobilePack (IMP) to generate support for Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), to raise funds and pack the meals to be sent to people in need all around the globe.  The packing is scheduled to take place from September 30 to October 2.  

You can ACT!   ACT invites you to share with your network.
In the past, people coming from every walk of life have shared the roomworking side-by-side, packing meals that will help undernourished children all around the world. Different nations, races, beliefs, socio-economic conditions (locally Bahai, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, non-religious folks, work place groups and secular service organizations) come together with local Christian groups and FMSC to make a difference addressing hunger.
  • They are currently looking for assistance in raising funds. You can find ways to help by following the link Donate Here via FMSC in the attachment below.
  • Closer to the time of the actual packing, they will be looking for groups of volunteers.  By following the same link, you will be able to submit your email address for later sharing.
Jim Grant
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