Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance, Meeting Minutes, Sept 28, 2021

Elizabeth Schneider

ISA Meeting Minutes--Some very important, urgent ACTION ITEMS!  
Sun, Oct 3, 2021 9:13 pm
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Hi everyone--The minutes from our meeting last Tuesday are pasted below and there's a link to the shared Drive folder here.  Don't forget to order food from the ODE fundraiser and spread the word with your congregation/organization (information at the end of the minutes).  Peace, Michael

ISA Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2021

Outside FCC--chilly when the sun dropped, but lovely all the same

  • Updates about Drucila and any reports from ISA members

  • No legal updates; Kristen summarized the process for those present who were unclear about the next legal steps for Drucila.

  • Drucila would like Jessie to take swimming lessons.  They are once per week on Saturday mornings.  8 week session begins Oct. 16 (no lesson Thanksgiving week) Ideally, the congregation responsible for support each week would provide a ride to the YMCA for lessons.  Drucila could accompany, but not required. 

ACTION ITEM: Inquire with congregations about ride 

  • Oral surgery option at Finger Lakes Community Health may be considerably cheaper--Going to consultation in Geneva on Oct. 4  

  • Grocery shopping: Drucila very much enjoys coming along, now that this is possible.  

Had a conversation about the possibility of Drucila being approached by law enforcement while out with an ISA member.  

Know Your Rights training powerpoint and video are good to review--here is a link to them.

  • How to publicly thank CMC for waiving most of the cost of Drucila’s wrist surgery? This waiver saved us several thousand dollars (though worth noting that New York state law required hospitals to have this policy--see link)

  1. Be sure to let your congregations know--see below for a template you can use in your bulletins, newsletters, and other forms of internal communication

  2. If you wanted to send a thank you note from your sanctuary team or congregation, that would be fine too.  

  • Recruiting new members to your sanctuary team

    • Need to begin this work; if another sanctuary guest follows Drucila in fairly short order, risk of burn-out is an issue.  Linda Yetter noted that having more depth in the volunteer pool would be very helpful.

    • ACTION ITEM: The pandemic isn’t over, but really need to reach out to the rest of your congregations/organizations to recruit more/new people to help with sanctuary.

  • Transition team - Michael will lead a sub-group that will both investigate housing and job opportunities but will also be the group to which any leads on housing or work for Drucila post-sanctuary should be directed.

Kristen noted that she is in early stages of conversation with a woman from the Dominican Republic who might be interested in having  Drucila and Jessie stay with her.

Work possibilities include school aid and help with Ob-Gyn Associates.

But these remain possibilities, and the need to make them concrete could come as soon as the beginning of 2022.

ACTION ITEM: Contact Michael if you are interested in meeting once a month (and having email exchanges) about helping Drucila with the transition.

  • Budget--No significant changes

  • ISA/FCC will make a flyer for promoting our Dec. 4 fundraiser--Who is doing this?

  • Dec. 4 Fundraiser--October meeting will be the focus of this event; Kristen and Drucila have a provisional menu of two Guatemalan stews; will decide on simple tamales/ tortillas or a bread donation from Wide Awake in the coming weeks; cooking at FCC and First Baptist, but prep work can happen in private kitchens.

  • ACTION ITEMS: Creating a flyer for the ODE fundraiser--please let Michael know if you are willing to do this; promote the ODE fundraiser in your congregations

  • Additional Needs/Announcements/Thoughts

  • Clothing needs for new arrival who works with Miguel (insulated rubber barn boots size 7.5, men's medium winter coat and work pants, warm work gloves, hoodie sweatshirt, winter hat, wool socks - and probably all winter clothing)--please contact Kristen if you can acquire these items through purchase or donation

  • First Baptist has generously offered to become the storage site for the clothing that has been donated to the Cornell Farmworker Program and will be distributed at farmworker mobile consulates and other events.  They will be soliciting help for a work team to move and organize clothing.  

    • Mexican Mobile Consulate will be at FCC Oct. 6-8.  Help is needed to set up and break down on Wednesday 6th.  (10/6 11-3, 10/7 3-7:30, 10/8 9-1:30),  give rides on Wednesday the 6th, as well as to move clothes on Oct. 5 at 2:00pm. Please contact Kristen if able to assist.

    • Perhaps time to consider a farewell press conference for Drucila

Sanctuary Support Rotation (through the end of 2021)--Don’t forget to chat with your team about swimming lessons for Jessie on Sat. mornings from Oct. 16- Dec. 18:

Oct. 3 First Baptist

Oct. 10 T v’O

Oct. 17 St. Catherine’s


Oct. 31 St. Paul’s/Forest Home

Nov. 7 FCC

Nov. 14 First Baptist

Nov. 21 T v’O--Thanksgiving Week

Nov. 28 St. Catherine’s


Dec. 12 St. Paul’s/Forest Home

Dec. 19 FCC--Christmas and Jessie’s Birthday

Dec. 26 First Baptist

Note for Congregation/Organization Bulletins/Newslestters/Listservs re: CMC waiving most of the costs for Drucila’s wrist surgery:

Please join our sanctuary team working the the Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance in expressing gratitude to Cayuga Medical Center for waiving most of the expenses for Drucila’s (the FCC sanctuary guest) wrist surgery last summer through their financial assistance program.  CMC was acting in accordance with New York state law.  Still, they were prompt and very courteous about the query.

Cayuga Medical Associates

Diane Gray

Financial Assistance Program

1301 Trumansburg Road, Suite P

Ithaca, NY