Big, loving, and audacious

Margaret McCasland

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Dear Earthcare and Climate Justice Working Groups - Please see Keith's request. - HGT

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Good Afternoon, Helen and Sarah--

If this is a repeat request, please accept my apology. I'm writing to ask that you promptly send this notice to the clerks of our monthly meetings, worship groups, etc.  GreenFaith is undertaking the creation of an international network of faith-based communities to work for a better, more just future.  The kickoff event is NEXT TUESDAY, and my hope is that Friends can be amply represented.

Thank you,
Keith Voos
New Brunswick Monthly Meeting

Join the Sacred People, Sacred Earth Kick-off next week!
Dear Keith,
Let me put this simply.
Without powerful moral pressure behind a bold, just, audacious vision, the world doesn’t have a prayer of meeting the threats posed by the climate emergency.
That’s why, next Tuesday and Wednesday, multi-faith partners in 14 countries around the world are coming together to launch a new era of religiously-based activism for climate justice.
For years, governments and financial institutions have variously struggled, delayed, ignored, greenwashed, and undermined efforts to address this crisis. While there’s been progress, overall the results are not pretty. We are way behind on our response and in great danger.
For years, grassroots communities - including religious and spiritual communities - have been offering vision and leadership, pressing for change. Now, grassroots religious communities are coming together in the GreenFaith International Network to make one thing unequivocally clear: a much better world is possible and we won’t stop till we’ve gotten there.
The Founding Partners of this Network hail from all corners of the globe: Brazil and Chile; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe; Australia, Indonesia and India: the UK; Canada and the US. Others are in the process of joining us. We are united by a commitment to climate justice and to building moral, grassroots, multi-faith power for change.
So - if the idea of a wildly diverse, global, multi-faith, pro-climate, pro-poor, pro-worker, pro-women, pro-LGBTQIA, pro-racial justice, anti-White Supremacy, anti-income inequality, anti-Islamophobia, anti-religious nationalism alliance sounds good to you - join us next week to get involved.
We’re building a movement that’s big, loving and compassionate enough to win the day. We want you on our team.
In faith and solidarity -
Rev. Fletcher Harper and the team at GreenFaith

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