Two Updates on Christ is the Answer International Fellowship

The details of this request can be found in my email from last week on the Witness listserve.


1. Report from Sue Tannehill on Christ is the Answer International Fellowship Food Fund Drive:
During week 1 of our fundraising drive, we received $1200.00 from individuals, and purchased 24 $50.00 Wegmans gift cards. I dropped them off at Ndanga's home and we visited. He suggested that if we purchased Visa Gift cards, the refugees could get certain foods that are only available in some of the small African markets and also support local markets. I promised to purchase Visa Gift cards during week 2.

In Week 2 we received $2500.00 in cash donations and $95.00 in pre-purchased Wegman's gift cards. I dropped off 50 $50.00 gift cards and the Wegman's cards Friday.
I will continue to accept donations and turn them into gift cards through July 10th when we will assess needs again. Thanks to all who have given. It makes a difference.

If you'd like to help, send an email to sue.tannehill@... and let her know how much you plan to give. Emailing first means that the cards can be purchased immediately with reimbursement to follow. Then send a check (8750 Tonawanda Creek Rd. Clarence Center, NY 14032), or Paypal her at the above email.

2. Other news about Christ is the Answer International Fellowship
This past Friday, Sue Tannehill delivered 130 copies of NYYM Faith and Practice translated into Swahili, a project funded by a Shoemaker Grant applied for by Buffalo Meeting. The grant provided for 350 copies in all. Some of these will be sent to YM and to another Congolese refugee church in the Albany area.

Buffalo monthly meeting extends its gratitude to those who are donating to the food fund drive and also to the Shoemaker fund.  Having NYYM Faith and Practice in their native language brings Christ is the Answer International Fellowship one step closer to becoming a full monthly meeting.