Tompkins Co. Advocacy Center - Clothesline Project

Elizabeth Schneider

Tompkins County Advocacy Center
Clothesline Project
October 12 -- 10am to 1:00pm
Ithaca Commons Pavilion
This project provides a space for domestic and sexual violence survivors to create and unapologetically display the “dirty laundry” that is abuse. The t-shirts contain powerful stories, images, and artwork. They are hung on a clothesline to show that the people who experience domestic, sexual, and/or emotional violence are not just statistics, but are everyday people in our communities and neighborhoods. 


Call to Action: John Lewis and For the People Act bills in the Senate

Elizabeth V. Keokosky

I am passing this on because it is so critical.   This call is from a comment at the end of a Heather Cox Richardson daily write up called “Letters from an American” at   She is a historian and gives a historical perspective to the news.   Betsy.  --------------------------------
A Call to Action(there is a short sample letter at the end that will fit on a post card!): American democracy is in an unprecedented emergency. If we do not pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Act, our democracy will die with the 2022 elections. I am asking all Americans who care to write or call the seven Republican senators who voted to convict former President Trump of incitement of insurrection, asking them to form a coalition for the sole purpose of saving our republic by voting these bills into law now.
Not the time to argue who is sincere, who has integrity. These Republican leaders are who we've got. For an expert take on why this is our best bet, read Robert Kagan's recent piece in the Washington Post: Below is a list of their Washington addresses and phone numbers. (No email, please. It's not effective.)
Please remember that each of these seven have suffered violent threats for their vote to convict in the impeachment proceedings. My suggestion is to appeal to their love of country, to tell them their nation needs them to prevent radical Trumpians from destroying us, that we need them to step up now as the 2022 elections will otherwise mark our descent into autocracy.
Thank you.
Richard Burr, NC (retiring)
217 Russell Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Bill Cassidy, LA
520 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Lisa Murkowski, AK
522 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Mitt Romney, UT
354 Russell Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Ben Sasse, NE
139 Russell Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Patrick J. Toomey, PA (retiring)
248 Russell Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Susan Collins, ME
413 Dirksen Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
An example of short letter:
Dear Senator __________,
Our democracy is in grave and immediate danger. I am writing to you today because you showed courage in voting to convict former President Trump. Please form a coalition with other courageous Republicans and vote for the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. The future of American democracy is in your hands. Thank you.

Is Ithaca Still Generous?

Pat Sewell

Hello everyone, Meeting has participated with this organization in the past. Unfortunately, Feed My Starving Children has had to postpone their in-person food packing for the past two years due to COVID restictions. However, the organization is still raising money to feed families in need. See announcement below. Here is more info on Feed My Starving Children.

Donate Now



A generous donation of $10,000 from a long time Ithaca MobilePack Steering Committee member and packer has sparked a matching donation challenge.

The Ithaca MobilePack Steering Committee has contributed an additional $10,000 to go towards the matching donation challenge.

Give today and your donations are matched up to $20,000
Now through October 31, 2021.


Click "Donate Now" to donate via credit/debit card or send a check to:

Ithaca MobilePack FMSC
PO Box 265
Ithaca NY, 14851


Read More


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Fw: Intro to Sabbath Economics with Ched Myers and Susan Taylor

Margaret McCasland

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From: angela hopkins <angelaforestglenn@...>
Date: Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 3:51 PM
Subject: Fw: Intro to Sabbath Economics with Ched Myers and Susan Taylor
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Share widely please 

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On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 12:08 PM, Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries <inquiries@...> wrote:

RSVP now for Oct. 15-16!
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Occasionally we share opportunities from Partners and colleagues that are aligned with BCM’s work and that we think would be of interest to you.
Below is an announcement about a virtual workshop on Sabbath Economics that BCM is co-hosting and at which Ched Myers and board member Susan Taylor will be presenting. We hope you can join us! — Your friends at BCM

Introduction to Sabbath Economics

Virtual Workshop with Ched Myers and Susan Taylor

Friday, Oct. 15 and Saturday, Oct. 16

Hosted by Faith & Money Network, Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries,
the Festival Center and JustMoney Advisors
Join activist-theologian Ched Myers and economist and author Susan Taylor for Introduction to Sabbath Economics, a virtual, two-part and two-day event on October 15 and 16.

This online workshop will cover the basics of Sabbath Economics as a set of practices grounded in the biblical economic values of rest, jubilee, forgiveness, redistribution, and abundance. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be offered the opportunity to join ongoing "covenant groups" for mutual support and accountability.

This event will be a great opportunity to dig even deeper into faithful giving and living — and it will also be a chance to meet others from across the country who are also on the journey. Learn more, see the full schedule, and register today!

What you'll learn:

In the Friday session, theologian Ched Myers will overview the Sabbath Economics tradition in the Bible and offer an in-depth reading of Luke 16:1-13 as an evocative analogy for our own entanglements in a dysfunctional economic system.

On Saturday, Ched will facilitate a conversation about how we inhabit the Biblical vision through concrete engagements, supported by covenant groups; economist and author Susan Taylor will add the voices of people who are creating the Sabbath Economy through their daily economic practices, to inspire participants’ imagination of what is possible.

Our presenters:

Ched Myers, author of The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics, is an activist theologian who has worked in social change movements for more than forty years. He and his partner Elaine Enns co-direct Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries, in the Ventura watershed of southern California on unceded Chumash land.
Susan Taylor is a partner at Just Money Advisors, an investment management firm that helps clients integrate their money and their values. Susan writes about issues of money and spirituality and works with non-profits that equip people to connect their money and their faith.
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Ruth Yarrow

Dear Friends,  Tomorrow, starting at noon, at Southside Community Center, Southside's Director Chavon Bunch and I are inviting you to a fundraiser for Southside's programs of dozens of my watercolors and watercolor notecards.  Please come!  Thanks, Ruth Yarrow

The BlackQuaker Project Challenges Quakers on Racial Justice

Margaret McCasland

FYI: 10 copies of the Pendle Hill pamphlet, Race, Systemic Violence, and Retrospective Justice: An African American Quaker Scholar-Activist Challenges Conventional Narratives (one of the references cited below) have been put out for circulation in the IMM LIbrary. --Margaret

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From: TheBlackQuakerProject <theblackquakerproject@...>
Date: Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 12:35 PM
Subject: The BlackQuaker Project Challenges Quakers on Racial Justice
To: <margaret@...>

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The BlackQuaker Project Challenges 
Quakers on Racial Justice:

 Retrospective/Reparatory Justice and a Justice Testimony--
 Necessary Steps for Peace and Equality in the Society of Friends

       Can there be peace without justice? Can there be equality without justice? Just as the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Board declared in our 2008 proclamation of “peace with justice,” our ministry asserts that there cannot be. Hence, the BlackQuaker Project (BQP) seeks to return justice to its rightful place, front-and-center, in the testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends (RSOF). We also urge the RSOF and fellow activists to implement retrospective justice to atone for the hundreds of years of harm, exploitation, and dehumanization to persons of African descent worldwide.
        Drawing from British Friend Adam Curle’s 1981 Swarthmore (UK) Lecture, we agree that justice has a dual meaning: “one, spiritual—righteousness, the observance of the divine law; the other [secular]—fairness, righteous dealing.” We feel justice to be necessary if we are to begin changing the politically corrupt, racialized, and profoundly unequal society in which we live.
        Our ministry challenges Friends to place the Justice testimony front-and-center in monthly, quarterly, and yearly meetings. For too long this crucial testimony has remained out of mind while Friends internalize such acronyms as “SPICES,” which mislead about the essence of Quakerism. First created by the Friends Council on Education, according to Friend Arthur Larabee, SPICES was designed to teach pre-university, non-Quaker students at Quaker schools about the essentials of Quakerism. We feel this acronym is inaccurate as it does not include Justice. As a temporary remediation, we suggest, tongue-in-cheek, the use of “SPICES with JaM,” meaning “Simplicity, Peace, Integrity (Truth), Community, Equality, Stewardship with Justice and Mercy” while we work towards a permanent solution. However, we do not believe that Quakers necessarily need an acronym to summarize our diverse beliefs and practices, and we encourage RSOF members and attenders to move towards eliminating SPICES from our thinking and articulation. 

       To achieve both equality with justice and peace with justice, we implore Friends to develop and to implement an educational and action program of retrospective and reparatory justice. As defined in our pamphlets, Facing Unbearable Truths (2008) and Race, Systemic Violence, and Retrospective Justice: An African American Quaker Scholar-Activist Challenges Conventional Narratives (2020), retrospective justice refers to efforts to provide justice to victims or descendants of victims of “crimes against humanity” years, decades, or centuries after they occurred. In the case of African Americans, this refers not only to chattel slavery and the transAtlantic slave trade but also to the numerous other horrors of white supremacy which followed, such as Jim Crow, the razing of Black communities (infamously including Tulsa), severe housing and education discrimination in the implementation of the post-World-War II GI Bill, and the present state crimes of police brutality and mass incarceration. To accomplish retrospective or reparatory justice, we recommend the following steps outlined in the 2006 Brown University Report, Slavery and Justice:

  1. The Formal Acknowledgement of an Offense: The Religious Society of Friends needs to acknowledge formally that Quakers have been slave owners, that many Quakers were supporters of the transatlantic slave trade, and that other Quakers and Quaker meetings profited directly from enslavement and the eras of economic exploitation, human degradation, and dehumanization that followed.
  2. A Commitment to Truth-Telling: Friends must remember our original name “The Religious Society of Friends of Truth” as we collectively shoulder the responsibility of telling the truth, in all its complexity. This includes memorializing our history so that we do not forget past injustices. 
  3. The Making of Amends: Friends must be dedicated to reconciliation, as well as social, economic, psychological, cultural, and political rehabilitation and healing.

        We are heartened that in recent months, USA and UK Quakers have begun to translate their awareness and knowledge of collective Quaker culpability into action that seeks to atone for past misdeeds. On 10 May 2021, Abington Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania approved a “Minute of Reconciliation,” formally recognizing that the Meeting had profited from the slave trade and committing to reparatory justice (read here). Britain Yearly Meeting has agreed to three goals as they reckon with their involvement in the slave trade: “to be an anti-racist employer; to build anti-racism into the design of work programs; and to support Quaker meetings and communities on anti-racism work.”
        Additionally, the Rowntree Society of England has launched an investigation into how their charitable trust benefited from “slavery, unfree labour, and other forms of racial exploitation during the eras of colonialism and apartheid.” On 15 April 2021 Rowntree released a preliminary report of their findings (read here). Most recently, Alaska Friends Conference has adopted a Minute of Commitment to Racial Justice, inspired by our 2008 Weed lecture-pamphlet, Facing Unbearable Truths. The Minute can be found as an attachment here. Finally, the American Friends Service Committee, Friends General Conference, Friends Council on Education, and Pendle Hill have created an anti-racist coalition. We wish them well and look forward to learning how they will deal with systemic violence and systemic racism, generally absent in previous Quaker efforts, which tended to deal only with symptoms and not causes.

        Write to us at theblackquakerproject@... with any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have about how F/friends can become involved in the process of retrospective justice, and in the process of putting our justice testimony front-and-center as we aim at acheiving racial justice. For more on retrospective or reparatory justice, see Weaver’s Pendle Hill pamphlet, Race, Systemic Violence, and Retrospective Justice: An African American Quaker Scholar-Activist Challenges Conventional Narratives (Oct. 2020) and our Friends Journal article, “A Proposed Plan for Retrospective Justice”  (Jan. 2021).  Also consider visiting our website and signing up for our mailing list here.

-- The BlackQuaker Project
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The BlackQuaker Project
26 Benvenue St
Wellesley, MA 02482

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call Schumer TODAY re: repealing the 2002 Iraq AUMF (Authorization for the Use of Military Force)

Margaret McCasland

email from FCNL re a Senate Resolution to repeal the 2002 Iraq AUMF (Authorization for the Use of Military Force); this is different from--and more dangerous than--the 2001 AUMF re: Afghanistan

background info at:


Hi everyone,

This is a friendly reminder that we are organizing a call-in day tomorrow around New York state to urge Sen. Schumer to bring S.J. Res. 10 to a floor vote this fall! Here’s the link to make your calls: – send me and Nancy updates about how they go, and forward this to others in your community and on your team!


All the best,



From: Sarah Freeman-Woolpert
Sent: Wednesday, September 8, 2021 5:26 PM
To: Sarah Freeman-Woolpert <SFreeman-Woolpert@...>
Cc: Nancy Bermon <n.bermon@...>
Subject: Sept. 14 call-in day to Sen. Schumer's offices across New York state!


Hello New York advocates!


As our nation commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks this Saturday, we are also marking 20 years since the beginning of the devastating global war that followed. To mark these 20 years, FCNL Advocacy Teams in New York will be organizing a “call-in day” on Sept. 14, the day Congress voted in favor of the 2001 AUMF. We will be calling Sen. Schumer’s office, urging him to bring S.J. Res. 10 to a floor vote. This is a critical time for Sen. Schumer to hear from constituents that Congress must reassert authority over when our country goes to war.


You can use this easy short link ( to call Sen. Schumer’s office on Sept. 14. Once you add your phone number on this page, it will pull up a short script that you can personalize when the staffer answers the phone. Make sure to name the importance of Sept. 14 in marking 20 years since Congress voted to authorize global war. This is an easy and powerful way for us to take collective action together and could have a serious impact on Sen. Schumer’s actions in the coming month.


Here are three actions you can take:

  1. Can you make one phone call on September 14 using this link:
  2. Can you forward this email, and share this link on your social media, to get at least 5 other people in your community to make calls with you?
  3. Can you take a photo making phone calls so we can amplify our call-in day on social media?


I hope you can join us! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Nancy Bermon (n.bermon@...) with any questions.


All the best,



Sarah Freeman-Woolpert

Advocacy Teams Manager

Friends Committee on National Legislation

A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest

245 2nd St. NE | Washington, DC 20002

sarahfw@... | (302) 364-2123

Pronouns: she/her/hers | F Like T Follow


Tell your members of Congress: Make the Child Tax Credit Permanent.

Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance August 31 Meeting / Minutes

Elizabeth Schneider

Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance Meeting Minutes - Aug. 31  
Mon, Sep 6, 2021 9:34 pm
Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance (ithacasanctuaryalliance@...)To:you (Bcc) + 1 more Details
Hi Everyone--It was so good to see those of you who could come last Tuesday!  As always, the minutes are both pasted below and available in the shared Google drive folder.  There are some important action items to share with your sanctuary teams and congregations/organizations.  Peace, Michael

ISA August 2021 Meeting Minutes 

Outside at FCC--first in person meeting since February 2020!

  • Updates about Drucila and Jessie--Kristen

Legal Update: In late July Drucila’s lawyer shared that she is very close to receiving a legal status that will allow her to apply for a work permit.  Still getting final documents from Georgia.  But, Drucila can now leave the building, though still beging cautious.  FCC has updated the sanctuary agreement to reflect these changes--i.e. that Drucila will be able to remain in the apartment until the legal process is completed.

Happily, Drucila and Jessie were able to join us.  Drucila shared that she is excited about these next steps in her journey, but nervous too.  Lots of uncertainty about post-sanctuary life.  She would like to stay in Ithaca, to live and work here.  But childcare for Jessie is an issue.

ACTION ITEMS: finding affordable housing, affordable childcare, job training.  Could be a small apartment or a room in a house.  Please begin inquiring with your congregations. 

When asked about the kinds of work she is interested in, Drucila said that she prefers indoor work, and something that would not irritate her wrist, which is still not 100%.

Laurie W. wondered about the possibility of a teacher’s aide position, especially with the bilingual skills Drucila has.

The garden is flourishing!  Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.  It has been great fun to have that garden this summer.

ACTION ITEM: When Drucila has her wisdom teeth removed, she will need some child care for Jessie.

Summer Camp Debrief: Drucila was very pleased with Jessie’s summer camp experiences, and the generosity of all of the ISA volunteers who provided transportation.  Primitive Pursuits was especially a hit with Jessie.

  • Gathering on Sept. 12 (Nancy)

On Sept. 12 (rain date of Sept. 19) FCC will be hosting an outdoor celebration of all the volunteers who have made sanctuary possible over the past 14 months.  Please RSVP to the invitation Nancy sent, just so we have a sense of numbers.  Everyone should bring their own utensils.  There will be cake, and dishes to pass for those who feel comfortable doing so (you are welcome to bring your own food too).  Miguel will be preparing a sample of Guatemalan steaks.

  • Budget update (Andy)

Even with the various medical expenses over the summer we still have over $15,000 in the sanctuary account.  FCC is very grateful for the fact that most weeks the ISA members have picked up the cost of groceries, which has played a key role in keeping the budget in the black.

We have applied for some debt relief for the costs of the wrist surgery.  Waiting to hear back from CMC about that.

There are upcoming expenses that will require offsetting: tuition for CNS, resuming our contribution to Open Doors English to support Drucila’s English classes.

Drucila needs to have her wisdom teeth removed, which will run $2650.  Jackie will make inquiries about University of Buffalo oral surgery clinic. [Update--due to the schedule and the complications of multiple visits to Buffalo, this no longer seems realistic].

  • Fundraising Efforts--(Nancy)

Given all of the above, we will continue to need to be imaginative about fundraising. 

The FCC Mums fundraiser has gone well, though the return will be modest ($350 or so).

Fall Fundraiser: Began discussion about a late fall fundraiser and tentatively decided on another take out event, aiming for the first weekend in December.  With a simpler menu. Open Doors English is having another take-out dinner fundraiser in late October, so we need to have enough space between them.  ODE’s silent auction is that first weekend in Dec., something that would complement a dinner fundraiser.  Hopefully we can aim for a late spring in-person event.

Other ideas: Outdoor movie night; offering “sponsorships” of particular needs (e.g. funding one month of ODE for Drucila or one month of CNS for Jessie).

We adjourned at 6:30, and several ISA members toured the garden.  It was great to meet in person! 

Next meeting Tuesday, September 28.  Place TBD.

Support rotation schedule:

Sept. 5 St. Catherine’s

Sept. 12 FUSIT/LHF

Sept. 19 St. Paul’s/ Forest Home

Sept. 26 FCC

Oct. 3 First Baptist

Oct. 10 T v’O

Oct. 17 St. Catherine’s


Oct. 31 St. Paul’s/Forest Home

To send an email to this group, address it to IthacaSanctuaryAlliance@....

[quakerfolks] facebook links to some video of Onondagas' Every Child Matters event 7/31/21

Nancy Riffer

The first link is to a video of the remembrance held in downtown Syracuse yesterday. It includes Virgil Brave Rock speaking of his many years in one of the boarding schools. 

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Joan Cope Savage <joancopesavage@...>
Date: Sun, Aug 1, 2021 at 12:41 PM
Subject: [quakerfolks] facebook links to some video of Onondagas' Every Child Matters event 7/31/21
To: <>

it and others are at the 

and some of the march is shared publicly on FaceBook
from Awhenjiosta Myers (Eel Clan, Onondaga)

last-minute way to join carbon-pricing interest group 7 pm Monday

Margaret McCasland

If you would like to learn more about specific federal bills re: carbon pricing, or how to connect with a lobby team, or whatever you would like to know more about carbon pricing in general, you can still join tonight's interest group by replying to me and I will send you the zoom link. I am not a presenter, but my job is to "curate" what people say they want to know more about, so please either let me know your informational needs before we start tomorrow night (especially if you have a detailed question), or be prepared to succinctly share it with us early in the program (via chat or verbally). The presenters will tailor the second part of the presentation based on what you tell us.

--Margaret     607-216-1091

DOING THE NYYM CARBON PRICING MINUTE (James Ralston, Diane Keefe, Laura Cisar): At Spring Sessions, NYYM approved a minute that encourages the enactment of carbon pricing legislation by the federal government in 2021. (Minute 2021-04-20) Economists agree that setting a price on carbon emissions is the best way to foster innovative solutions to stabilize our climate to a habitable state. In this Interest Group, three activist Quakers will engage participants on ways to convince federal legislators to adopt laws that will effectively move our nation to net zero carbon emissions. July 12, 7-8:30 PM

Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance June Meeting Minutes -- Scroll down/ Beginning empty/don't know why...

Elizabeth Schneider

kristen brennan (kmb.ithaca@...)To:you (Bcc) + 1 more Details
Hi all,
I'm not sure I sent this to the right email last week so here we go again. Apologies if there are any duplicates.

Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance Meeting, Tuesday June 29, 2021                                        5:30pm-6:35pm

Jessie’s Summer Camp. All congregations should recruit drivers and phone their respective camps to notify them of the names of all drivers who will potentially be dropping off or picking Jessie up. Also please remind volunteers to make a mental note of what items Jessie is dropped off with (which will vary from camp to camp) so that they make sure she comes home with all the same items.  So far, most organizations have one or two drivers who have volunteered to do multiple days or trips. If anyone is having trouble finding people, FCC has extra people willing to drive, so please contact Andy or Kristen at least a week in advance. The camps should be notified of the drivers no later than the morning of the Friday before. If any of the drivers would like to meet Jessie and Drucila ahead of time, that can be arranged through the ISA reps or Amy Stoll (FCCI member who has been helping D. with camps) at scottamy@...

Camp Week              Location                   Camp hours        ISA Member Org            Volunteers lined up?

July 12-16               Children’s Garden         9am-12pm          First Baptist                     yes

                                  (Cass Park)

July 19-23              Primitive Pursuits        9:30am-1:30pm    Tikkun v’Or                     not yet

July 26-30              Heart and Home          9am-1pm                 St. Catherine’s              not yet

August 2-6             Primitive Pursuits        9:30-1:30             FUSIT/Living hope            yes

August 9-13           Heart and Home          9:00-1:00pm      St. Paul’s/FH                     not yet

August 16-20         Children’s garden         9:00-1:00pm         FCCI                                   yes                        

Medical Updates: On July 22nd, D. had minor surgery at the Surgicare with Dr. Stephanie DeBuck. They removed a ganglion cyst which they described as located in an unusual place and larger than normal. It was pressing on nerves and tendons, so they are hopeful that by removing it, she will feel relief of the pain that was extending up to her elbow. We have not yet seen a bill, but we are going to apply for the CMC program for people with no insurance. The out of pocket cost will run between $2400 and $3,000, but we’re hopeful some of that will be forgiven.

At her dental cleaning, the x-rays revealed that she has impacted wisdom teeth that should be removed. She said that two of them are starting to come in and causing her some pain. Andy scheduled a consultation with oral surgeon Dr. Bonniwel for August 23rd. Rachel Wilson volunteered to accompany her on this visit.  The cost of removing impacted wisdom teeth will vary, and won’t be known until the consult, but could run between $2000 and $3500.

Legal updates: July 29, 2021 will mark the one year anniversary of the day that Drucila arrived at FCCI. Because her lawyers are pro-bono, it is difficult to get a consultation with them, and only FCC’s lawyer has permission to discuss her case. The Sanctuary Ministry Team at FCC will ask for a meeting between the two lawyers just to get an update and possible timeframe as we move to sign another 6-month renewal of her sanctuary agreement.

Year-end volunteer recognition and “look to the future” picnic: We have been so fortunate to have so many people willing to help support D. and Jessie this year and we would like to formally recognize them. We had a brief discussion about how best to do that, and the consensus was that a picnic (at FCCI so D. can attend) makes the most sense. We decided to try Sept. 12th at 12:00pm so we can send out save the date notices. This picnic can serve the double purpose of recognizing all of the people that contributed their time and money over the past year, as well as bring in new volunteers who are interested in helping out in the future.

Carpentry class update: Every year The Hammerstone Carpentry School sponsors a class for female students at Open Doors English. This year the class was held in the parking lot at FCCI so that D. could participate. 12 women worked from 9-am-3pm to build themselves flower boxes. The staff at ODE wrote a nice thank you card to FCCI and the Sanctuary Alliance that Kristen read some of aloud.

Budget Review – Andy W. walked everyone through the budget which can be found at

Highlights include: 1) the continued unsolicited monthly donations, and generous donations by ISA members of food. Together with the Tikkyn v’Or fundraiser and the hanging basket fundraiser have brought in over $4000 2) the final figures for the apartment installation where $1,495; 3) although we have not yet been billed for any of it, D.’s surgery will run between $2,400 and $3,000. 4) the dental donation of $420 by Dr. McCutcheon. To date it has cost $8,072.11 to support the two of them at FCCI.

Apartment Construction- Herb reported that he, Danny Fox, and Kristen had completed the installation of the new electrical circuit, range hood, stove, and cabinets in the apartment. The project took Danny and Herb about four days with Kristen assisting one morning to install the roof vent. D. is now thrilled that she can cook steak, bake chicken, and learn how to bake pizza and cakes. Thank you to Anna S. for all the time she spent cooking with Drucila downstairs, and for any future baking projects that happen in the apartment.

D. and energy use – Herb brought up the fact that Drucila expressed concern to him about using too much of the church’s electricity. With the current heat, he wanted to make sure she knew she could use the AC units. Andy reported that he had checked it with her after she reported a leak last Thursday and that Danny Fox had repaired it. Amy reported that the AC was on when she visited on Friday. Some confusion over the winter about which heat source to use has led to the false impression that the church didn’t want her to use a lot of electricity. Folks are encouraged to make sure she is not sacrificing comfort because of this.


NYYM interest groups re: Climate Justice & Earthcare this week & next

Margaret McCasland

NYYM Interest groups are happening in the first 2 weeks of July, before official Summer Sessions open. There are many climate-related interest groups, some offered by members of the Climate Justice Working Group (listed first). 

Because “everything is connected,” because we can only discern way forward in a climate-disrupted world by listening to voices of all people and all beings, there are many other interest groups also relevant to our concerns for climate justice and for Earthcare (listed alphabetically in a second grouping).

Easy on-line registration is FREE and separate from registration for Summer Sessions. Official registration closes 2 days before any given interest group’s first (often only) session. Zoom links and any advance materials will be emailed to you the day before the Interest Group meets.

The first interest groups started meeting today (Monday), but you can still join almost all of these. Contact Margaret McCasland if you missed the “2 days registration before” deadline for a climate-related interest group: <mamccasland@...>

Info page on interest groups:

Or go directly to the Interest Group Registration Form.

Climate-related Interest Groups: timings & descriptions.


Do Friends Have A Testimony Of The Environment?

Mon, July 5, 2pm – 3pm; Additional Session(s): 7/6 & 7/7

Do Friends’ investments pollute the Earth?  Do Friendly testimonies require us to move our investments into clean energy?  If you answer “yes” to both of these questions, please join us in a discussion about the shape a Friendly testimony of green investment might take to counteract the destruction caused by our Yearly Meetings’ investments.  Three-Session Interest Group. Additional Session: Tuesday 7/6 & Wednesday 7/7.    Facilitator: Peter Close


Finding Climate Sanctuary Options

Thu, July 8, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

This Interest Group will consider how to lower the amounts of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.  We will discuss needs and possible tools for future fossil fuel displacement, photosynthesis-based carbon sequestration, inhibiting local temperature rise, inhibiting the Arctic meltdown.  We will also experience an eco-vigil exercise. Facilitators: Paul Klinkman (NEYM), David Millar (Canada YM)


Climate Solutions For The World We Seek: Project Drawdown Around NYYM

Fri, July 9, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

The Climate Justice Working Group and Earthcare Working Group is offering this Interest Group in order to help Friends discern ways to respond to NYYM’s Earthcare Minute.  Keith Voos will introduce Project Drawdown - - a comprehensive program to address the climate crisis by “drawing down” greenhouse gases.  Margaret McCasland will frame the Drawdown solutions from a social justice perspective via queries such as “Who decides what counts as a solution?”  Subsequent workshops will be held after Summer Sessions, and will highlight ways NYYM Meetings and Friends are addressing the climate crisis in ways consistent with NYYM’s Earthcare Minute. Facilitators: Margaret McCasland, Keith Voos


Doing The NYYM Carbon Pricing Minute

Mon, July 12, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

At Spring Sessions, NYYM approved a minute that encourages the enactment of carbon pricing legislation by the federal government in 2021.  (Minute 2021-04-20)  Economists agree that setting a price on carbon emissions is the best way to foster innovative solutions to stabilize our climate to a habitable state.  In this Interest Group, three activist Quakers will engage participants on ways to convince federal legislators to adopt laws that will effectively move our nation to net zero carbon emissions. Facilitators: James Ralston, Diane Keefe, Laura Cisar

Because “everything is connected,” because we can only discern way-forward in a climate changed world by listening to voices of all people and all beings, there are many other interest groups also of interest to people with a concern for climate justice and for Earthcare, including:

ADVANCE WORSHIP SHARING IN SUPPORT OF BLACK LIVES (Peter Close): Join us as we gather in 5 one-hour worship-sharing sessions to consider how Black lives matter to us in this ever-challenging world. We will reach into ourselves and bring forth our thoughts, our fears, our beliefs and our actions that will continue to make Black lives matter to us, our meetings and our communities. Five-Session Interest Group. July 19 & 20 & 21 & 22 & 23, 8-9 AM

AFRO-FUTURISM AND AFRO-CENTRIC LOVE (SYB Bowland, Sandie Finn): “Black” and “White”, as terms to describe people, are both artificial constructs. Prior to the seventeenth century, these were not the predominant terms used to describe or define people. Since then they have been used as tools to create and enforce oppression. Using color as a physical representation enabled people to use color as a symbolic representation, from which labeling was created to denote either positive or negative images. Over time color labels became hardened into stereotypes, systemic disrespect, discrimination and criminalization. This Interest Group will be a sanctuary where spirit dwells, spreads and flourishes as we introduce ideas, share stories and explore how to embrace loving intelligence. Two-Session Interest Group. Note that the First Session ( 11:30 am - 12:30 pm) is at a different time than the Second Session (3-4 pm). July 21, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM & July 22, 3-4 PM 

FRIENDS PEACE TEAMS IS US! A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES (Nadine Hoover, Shirley Way, Deb Wood, Liseli Haines, Buffy Curtis): Friends Peace Teams is Quakers from North American and Australia Yearly Meetings who are called to peace and justice ministries or to supporting them. Learn about Friends’ peace and justice work in the Americas, Africa, Central Europe, Asia, and West Pacific, and opportunities to get involved. Share your ministries. July 15, 7-8:30 PM

F.U.N.: FRIENDS IN UNITY WITH NATURE SHARING SACRED SPACE (“WORSHIP SHARING”) (Sheree Cammer, Tom Goodridge): This Interest Group is being offered by NYYM’s Earthcare Working Group. Come as you are! Come as you want to be! We are in formation! Who knows how our molecules will align in rapture! The Green Man and I invite you to join us, outdoors if possible, to breathe, center, balance; stretch and relax, perhaps sway, sing, dance. Earth may give a message, perhaps the next sure step we are asked to take, individually or otherwise. July 19, 6:15- 7 PM

LAND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND REPARATIONS (Buffy Curtis, Liseli Haines): We all live on land that was obtained by settlers from the original inhabitants of this land by purchase or theft. Understanding how and why to give acknowledgments to these Original Peoples is essential. We will share examples of Land Acknowledgments and Reparations that are coming into practice among Friends. July 23, 5:30-7 PM

QUAKER SERVICE: VOLUNTEER WORK, VOLUNTOURISM, AND INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL (Spee Braun): Many of us engage in service work outside our home communities. Some of us have had the opportunity to travel to Bolivia or Kenya or some other lower-income country and have volunteered in service projects while there. In this workshop, we will analyze together the complex issues around doing good and doing no harm. We’ll explore together what Teju Cole dubbed the “White-Savior Industrial Complex,” in which many Quakers participate. We’ll talk about and identify our privilege and attitudes. We’ll explore shifting from service and voluntourism to learning, advocacy, and systemic change. Three-Session Interest Group. July 13 & 14 & 15, 7:30-9 PM

THE QUAKER UNITED NATIONS OFFICE (Molly Burger, Hannah Patterson, Drew McKenna): QUNO’s two program assistants will host a conversation on the Quaker United Nations Office in NYC, which provides the Quaker representation at the United Nations. They will share QUNO’s work and Quaker working methods in conversation with participants in the Interest Group. July 9, 10-11 AM

RIGHT SHARING OF WORLD RESOURCES IN A TIME OF PANDEMIC (Mary Eagleson, Jacqueline Stillwell, Sarah Northrop): Through its Sharing Fund, and in partnership with Scarsdale Meeting, NYYM has raised the funds to sponsor a women’s self-help group in India. The group has been formed by the Pudhuyugam Society in the state of Tamil Nadu in the southeast tip of India. The women were already very poor before Covid-19 hit them. Now they are facing malnutrition and possible starvation. We’ll hear the latest information on their situation, and learn more about how we, in partnership with the Pudhuyugam Society, will be helping about 30 women pick up the pieces of their lives and move ahead. We have pictures to show from the training sessions for this group and others. July 10, 10-11 AM

workshop Tues 6/22, 7 pm: Bringing Climate Concerns to Congress

Margaret McCasland

Speaking Truth to Power: Bringing Climate Concerns (and Carbon Pricing!) to Congress
Tuesday, June 22,  7:00-8:00 p.m.  
Please join NYYM's Climate Justice Working Group to learn about engaging with your representative to advocate for the planet and for carbon pricing, the method widely agreed to be the most efficient way for countries to reduce global warming emissions. Strategies will be presented on how to build common ground and communicate your concerns. Please register to receive the zoom link. 

For those interested to know why this is important, please see this article. Our emitted CO2 goes up and practically never comes down. More CO2 means more warming year to year. It is already causing an estimated 35% of global excess deaths which happen during ever more extreme heat waves.

sponsor Catholic Worker Peace Trot by Ruth Yarrow?

Ruth Yarrow

Dear Friends, Due to a health scare about my daughter (resolved!) I'm a bit late doing my 5 K (3.1 mile) Catholic Worker fundraiser Peace Trot.  I plan to do it on Monday morning, probably up one side of Treman Gorge and back down the other.  If anyone would like to sponsor me for any amount it would all go to the work of the Catholic Worker in Ithaca.  You could make checks out to Ithaca Catholic Worker and mail or bring them to me at 224 Cleveland Ave, Ithaca 14850.  Thank you for considering this!  Ruth Yarrow  Questions?  You can email me or call me at 206-512-0688.  THank you!  

Southside 2021 Juneteenth Celebration 2-8pm 6/19

Ruth Yarrow

Celebrate Juneteenth with Southside!

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From: Nia Nunn <drnia@...>
Date: Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 4:16 PM
Subject: Fwd: Southside 2021 Juneteenth Celebration 2-8pm 6/19

Southside Community Center
presents our annual
2-8pm June 19, 2021

"SOLID AS A ROCK" 80s & 90s dance party!
- Bring your lawn chairs, family activities, games, & other favorite Block Party accessories!
- Southside Community Center food & merchandise for sale!
- We need 500+ people to win the Guinness Book of World Records for longest soul train line at 6pm!
- Covid safe outdoor event!

Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the Emancipation Proclamation which aimed to end enslavement in the United States. This is an opportunity to focus on freedom, education, community, & continued need for liberation among Black people.

~Dr. Nia
Nia Michelle Nunn, PhD
Ithaca College ~ Associate Professor of Education

Southside Community Center, Inc. ~ Board of Directors Chair

Community Unity Music Education Program (CUMEP) ~ Curriculum Writer/Creative Director

No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them. Nobody is going to teach you your true history, teach you your true heroes, if they know that that knowledge will help set you free.

—Assata Shakur 

The Cayuga Nation needs our support!

Barbara Ganzel asked that this be shared with Friends.


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Planned Parenthood of Greater New York Action Fund

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Dear PPGNY supporter, 

The Cayuga Nation needs our support! The Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫ’, also known as the Cayuga Nation, is one of six sovereign nations that make up the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. They reside between the Seneca Nation to the west and the Onondaga Nation to the east in Central NY. Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (PPGNY) and Planned Parenthood Central Western New York (PPCWNY) are proud advocates for these communities and a trusted source of health care and medically accurate information.  

The Cayuga people are under the assault of Clint Halftown, the Bureau of Indian Affairs-affirmed representative of the Cayuga Nation, who has a long history of abusing his power with his private police force. In February of 2020, Halftown destroyed a gas station, a longhouse, a schoolhouse, and several other buildings that were vital infrastructure to the traditional Cayuga community. In recent weeks, Halftown has threatened to evict members of the traditional Cayuga community from their homes. The Cayuga have put forth a call for aid- particularly for supporters to camp outside of the at-risk homes to disincentivize any forceful evictions. 

Since May 11th, hundreds of people have shown up, with many volunteers coming out multiple nights to stand guard. The “Solidarity Campers” have been effective in their collective direct action. The actions of solidarity campers “have been working,” said Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ elder Wanda John. 

We are asking our local Planned Parenthood supporters to learn more about this important local human rights issue. How you can help: 

  • Help spread awareness of this important issue, in your circles as well as on your social media: Facebook  // Insta 
  • Support the Cayuga people in this effort by serving as a “Solidarity Camper” yourself or learning more about how you can support Cayuga Nation’s resistance to Clint Halftown. You can sign up to be a Solidarity Camper here. You can learn more and support the Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫ’s Rematriation efforts here. 

In solidarity, 

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York

Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York 

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One way to help Palestinians

Ruth Yarrow

Dear Friends, Since the bombers and bombs causing the horrendous destruction and death in Gaza originate from our country, I've been under the weight of what I can do.  Here is a suggestion from a wonderful couple I know from when I worked with Physicians for Social Responsibility in WA; he is an MD, she's a palliative care nurse:
"A good way to help, I think, is through the Gaza Mental Health Foundation.  I'm on the advisory board and know they have been doing a lot of work in several areas, including some women's clinics.  You can donate to them online and because they are all volunteer, they don't take out money for staff.  will get you to the foundation."
That website provides you their mailing address so you can also send a check.  
Thanks for considering a donation.  Ruth Yarrow

Racial Justice Opportunity this SUNDAY

Ruth Yarrow

Dear Friends,  The following is from my friend Peaches Gillette, who is an educator, compassion counselor and workshop leader on writing, leadership development and race relations.  I just signed up so it's not too late.  Ruth Yarrow

I am hosting one of my Race Relations Writing workshop this upcoming Sunday.
Although we have about 13 people registered, I to invite others to join us in this important event.  

If you or anyone you know who is involved in the race work you do is interested in uniting and stregthening a community of mutual responsibility against the violence against people of color, particularly, Black people, please share this workshop information with them.




$55.00 Participation Fee

For the past few months, I have been troubled by my personal experiences with racism and by the racist nightmare in this country that continues to move closer and closer into focus with each passing day.

This storm of racial hate and violence does not sit on the distant horizon as some still believe, but it is sweeping across this nation with a force that seems unstoppable, and the loss of lives is almost incomprehensible.

Our hearts are aching. Our sorrows are great.

The spirits of our former Civil Rights leaders mourn for us as we do for them.  Our Black children listen and watch in horror, stunned by the eclipsing reality of a future in which their lives matter at all.  Their ability to hope for better days is overshadowed by tension, and the fear of their own demise, of their fathers' and brothers' demise, and that of their mothers' and sisters'. Their fears are symbolic of the web of racism that is spun tightly around the bodies of people of color.

"When I grow up, I am never leaving my house.  I don't want to die.  I don't want to be arrested.  Why do White people hate Black people?"

These are the words and question of one seven-year-old that echo the sentiments of Black people throughout history.  Over four hundred years of begging, pleading, and fighting for the right to be free of the murderous forces of White Supremacy - and it goes on.

We are a nation in mourning. We are a people who have not been allowed to rest.  Our hearts are heavy, our faces drenched with sweat and tears, our souls weary and our hope challenged.  

Nonetheless we must go on.  We cannot afford to get worn down.  We must stand upright and we must do so together.

This particular writing workshop invites us to mourn together and to hope together. It is a vigil, a moment held for all those who have been murdered by the hands of the police and by the socially embedded machinations that wage against Black lives.  

Our writing will be in the form of letters that express your thoughts and feelings about the fatalities of Black men, women, and children by White "law enforcers."  Your letters can be addressed to the victims or their families, the police, yourself or to a higher power.

By registering for this particular writing workshop, you are consenting to the following:

Portions of this workshop will be recorded and shared with several churches throughout Thompkins County that have already shown great interest in this project: Ithaca Friends, First Unitarian Society of Ithaca, and First Presbyterian.

The video will be used to show the emotional depth of collective grieving, to inspire, and to spread the importance of community solidarity as we stand against these heinous forms of injustice.

* A five-minute video will be shown at the start of this workshop.

* Please preview the information in the link below:

Registration Link:

Virtual Workshop Registration Form


Cornell land acknowledgment: as a guide to IMM?

Margaret McCasland

Cornell has officially written a land acknowledgment which they are beginning to use widely, verbally and in print.

Call on State Reps to Pass NY Health Act!

Ruth Yarrow

I made all the following calls in 14 minutes.  It could take you less time if you just say you support passing the New York Health Act this session.  Thanks, Ruth

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Tompkins County Democratic Committee <tompkinscountydemocrats@...>
Date: Thu, May 20, 2021 at 9:17 AM
Subject: Call on State Reps to Pass NY Health Act!
To: <rmyarrow@...>

Hello TCDC Members and Volunteers,
The New York Health Act is on track to pass in the State legislature in late June, near the end of this current session. This is possible for the first time because the Democrats are in the majority in both the NYS Assembly and Senate.
Speak out with your support by calling the offices, mailing a letter or emailing key elected officials in Albany. Having a flood of communication until the bill passes both houses is essential. The vote is projected for the second week of June. Below is the contact info to speak out in favor of the New York Health Act. While the Republican senators who represent Tompkins County are doubtful yes votes, they need to hear from us too. The COVID pandemic has only made the need for universal health care more obvious.  It always is a good idea to identify yourself by name as a constituent.
Governor Andrew Cuomo 
1-518-474-8390 | Office hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Contact By Mail: 
The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins
(518) 455-2585
Assemblywoman Anna Kelles
Senator Tom O’Mara
Senator Pamela Helmings
Senator Peter Oberacker

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Tompkins County Democratic Committee · P.O. Box 6798 · Ithaca, NY 14851 · USA

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