Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance/Minutes from their February Meeting

Elizabeth Schneider

Below you will find the minutes from the Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance's February meeting.  I do not attend the meetings, but if you need/want more information, let me know and I will follow up.

Elizabeth Schneider

ISA Monthly Meeting
2/23/2021 Minutes

via Zoom

  • FCC Sanctuary Updates
Support still going well, taking English, working toward G.E.D., English language practice and other interactions so welcome.
FCC wants to get more information out about Drucila
Drucila wants to start an Etsy business--how to sell her bracelets and other handcrafted items--she is allowed to earn money but needs guidance and help with on-line commerce.  She’s now in a place where she can begin to dream of life after sanctuary.
Tricky part is how to get paid--needs advice about banking security and how to run a home business
Action Item--Help with business planning and Etsy site.  Also spread the word w/i your congregations and networks for market
Looking ahead to the end of the school/daycare year--what are some summer program options for Jessie?  Also, could she get into the ICSD system for pre-school in the fall?  Laurie W. will inquire and also work with D. to help her get connected to Head Start.
Wrist remains a problem.  Need to get it evaluated--does anyone know an orthopedist or wrist specialist who would examine for a reduced fee?
Drucila’s partner coming for a week to recover from knee surgery.  Take out a few times would be welcome--just contact Drucila during the day and see what she’d like.  McDonald’s and Chili’s are favorites
Gatherings with ISA support teams with Drucila--Up to 10 people could meet with her inside or outside.  And she herself is really keen to do this.  Can contact Kristen or Andy if your group wants to schedule a meeting.
  • Reports/Feedback from ISA support congregations
Mary, Jackie, smooth going!  
  • Quick update about Haitian family
Due to a variety of circumstances, they have returned to Florida.  ISA-TCIRC group that was supporting them is debriefing.  There will likely be others needing housing and support as they seek asylum.  To what extent can we help support such migrants?
  • Report on collaboration among migrant/refugee supporting organizations in town
Michael reported on meeting that Doug Stayman of IWR organized among representatives from various migrant/refugee support organizations/groups in Ithaca (ISA, IWR, TCIRC, CFP, CC).  Doug is working on mapping where our work overlaps so we can begin to better capitalize on synergies between organizations.  Greatest need without question is housing, for refugees (quite stringent criteria), people seeking asylum, and more sanctuary.  For the former two it would be great if we could find a big house to buy! Catholic Charities no long a sponsoring organization for refugees coming to Ithaca.
  • Spring fundraising brainstorming
What are the possibilities?  An on-line trivia night was discussed, but there were questions about Zoom fatigue.  Some kind of outdoor food event could be possible in late spring (May maybe?).  
Bill F. asked about fund situation at FCC and Kristen reported the basic details about expenditures over the coming months.  A budget report from FCC will be part of subsequent ISA meetings.
Action Item: Each ISA rep will have a discussion with others in their congregation’s sanctuary team about possibilities
Anne H. suggested that we have break-out rooms at the next meeting to discuss ideas
  • Discussion about how to re-energize ISA congregation conversations about additional sanctuary--it is desperately needed
FCC put together a team a la the Ohio congregation. Bill Abeles is especially interested in presenting something to FB folks about the impact that hosting a sanctuary guest has had on FCCI as a congregation. Testimony from people who were doubters, but are now supportive would be particularly powerful. 
Next Monthly Meeting is March 23 at 5:30 PM

Support Rotation Through mid-May

Feb. 28 FCC
Mar. 7 First Baptist
Mar. 14 T v’O
Mar. 21 St. Catharine’s
Apr. 4 St. Paul’s/ Forest Home
Apr. 11 FCC
Apr. 18 First Baptist
Apr. 25 T v’O
May 2 St. Catharine’s
May 16 St. Paul’s/ Forest Home

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