Fw: Come to Open Doors' closing event Sat. at 7:30! - more about this and link

Carol Clarke

Hello Friends,
I just sent a flyer for this to this listserv in the last day or so, but want to send this too because it has so much information about the event and a link.   Please forgive the multiple posting.

Have a great weekend!

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Dear friends, thank you so much for participating in the auction for Open Doors English! It’s a fun way to support the lives of immigrants, refugees and international visitors as we open doors of opportunity for them. Our students are very special to us. Many of them have poignant stories. It’s not easy to leave your homeland, for any reason, and come to a place where you don’t know the language or customs. ODE not only teaches them English and life skills but we also help them build friendships and find a place of belonging. Many students tell us that we are a home away from home. Thank you for being a part of that.

We didn’t want our auction to be solely about pressing buttons to bid, so we would like to invite you to our closing event on Saturday evening, Dec. 5, at 7:30. We have saved three items that can only be bid on there. 

1) Green Card Stories, which is a coffee table book with gorgeous photographs side by side with the dramatic narratives of 50 recent immigrants. It is item B01. 

2) A beautiful twin-sized quilt in rich autumn colors. We were gifted many beautiful quilts by the Tompkins County Quilters Guild and this is one of them.  It is number Q11.

3) An amazing painting made by one of our students, Loreto Molina. It’s called "Sororidad" (Sisterhood) and depicts 8 women leaning on each other in support. What she didn’t realize when she made it is that Open Doors English was started by 8 women! Check it out; it is item A07. 

In coming on Saturday evening, we invite you to get a feel for our wonderful school. After a short hello and the bidding, you are welcome to stay and chat with our students in breakout rooms. It is a special thing to meet our students. You will be charmed! It is so fun to meet people from other countries, with life stories so very different from ours and yet also learn what we share in common. The whole event will not be more than an hour. 

Please come and continue the fun! We look forward to sharing the time with you! 

Bidding for the auction will close at 9:15 Saturday evening. You may continue bidding during our event (on a different screen.)

With gratitude,
Mary Loehr, for all the teachers and staff at Open Doors English

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