Re: May 2020 Minutes of Area Congregations Together (ACT), and Reports

Margaret McCasland

looks like you are doing a good job; I don't recall this being done by prior ACT reps. And good use of the rarely used Witness list. I hope more people will sign up for the witness list once they get used to the main IMM announcements list. One advantage is that can have attachments; the old listserve didn't handle them well (or perhaps not at all). Segue to a request going forward (especially since the June meeting presumably addressed racism):

Could you give a one sentence summary of each of the handouts, so we know whether we should open them? Eg: Were there any key issues ACT talked about in May?  Is/was either food pantry in need of funds or donations?

On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 4:21 PM Jim Grant <jag8452@...> wrote:
Dear f/Friends,

My apologies for sending these documents out in such an untimely manner.  I am just 'learning my job', and was not clear about how or how much to send out to interested meeting members.

I have attached a copy of the minutes of the May 2020 meeting, as well as a Treasurer's Report and reports from the two food pantries that ACT supports - the Lansing Pantry and the Ithaca Kitchen Cupboard.

I will be sending similar information from the June 2020 meeting shortly.

Jim Grant

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