Recent SURJ call transcript - 'Calling out/Calling in' with Adrienne Maree Brown

Carol Clarke

Hello Friends,
This is the CC Transcript and the recording from a SURJ call with Adrienne Maree Brown that happened in mid-July 'Calling White People In'.  Adrienne Maree Brown is the one who coined the phrase: 'change at the speed of trust'.   Her book 'Emergent Strategy' is an excellent guide to movement work that is inclusive, has integrity, and is effective.

I just downloaded and read through the 17 page transcript, and it was annoying and nonsensical in some places, being a CC transcript, but overall I found the message to be very clear when the leaders were articulating the most important things. I'm sharing it because there is so much here that is helpful. It's about holding each other in curiosity, humility, and expanding our vision about what we're trying to do.

Below are links to the hour long video and to the transcript and I'm attaching the transcript as a .pdf to make it easy.  For those of you who have the band-width for this, I recommend it!


Where is God in this picture? God is all over the place. God is up there, down here, inside my skin and out. God is the web, the energy, the space, the light ...revealed in that singular, vast net of relationship that animates everything that is. . . .    Barbara Brown Taylor

Whenever I groan within myself and think how hard it is to keep writing about love in these times of tension and strife which may at any moment become for us all a time of terror, I think to myself “What else is the world interested in?” What else do we all want, each one of us, except to love and be loved, in our families, in our work, in all our relationships. God is Love. —Dorothy Day 

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The email below has the link to SURJ's conversation with Adrienne Maree Brown and Hilary Moore on calling white people in. I highly recommend watching!

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Subject: CORRECTION Follow-up actions and recording from the "Calling White People In" webinar with adrienne maree brown last week!
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Hi Liza, Whether you made it or not, we've got really important actions from the call last week!

What does it actually look like to understand that the mistake is the portal? When we f*** up, that’s often the portal. That’s when the most change is possible, if we’re held with compassion.” - adrienne maree brown

WOOPS! We accidentally linked to last month's webinar transcript in our previous email. Here is the link to the transcript for Calling White People In (and updated below). Thank you for bringing it to our attention!


Hi Liza, 


Just writing to share the webinar recording from last week and ask you to take action with us in the next couple weeks! 


First off, thank you for registering for our call last week: “Calling White People Inwith adrienne maree brown in conversation with SURJ's Executive Director-- Erin Heaney AND SURJ organizer and author Hilary Moore. More than 1,500 of us tuned in together to imagine the ways we build powerful movements for racial justice by moving towards one another and investing in each other’s learning, growth, and action instead of turning to shame, blame, and call-outs. 


This webinar was incredibly powerful and offered such clarity of how to be in racial justice work together in this moment, so if you missed it, it’s definitely worth watching the recording! You can find the recording here and the transcript is available here.

How can we create a culture in our teams, organizations, movements, where we feel like this is the right place/right time? We know how to position ourselves in this moment. We know this is our fight and we need each other."  - Hilary Moore

Get into practice with us!


adrienne maree brown always asks– “what are you practicing?” because we’re always practicing something. Our ask coming from the call is that you– we– all of us get into the practice of collective action, reflection, and long haul work. We put together this quick guide of follow-up action and practice coming out of the webinar last week. Please take a look and share with friends! 


And here’s a peak at some of the upcoming actions from the guide:


 "I'm not talking about making white people comfortable. There's a difference between belonging and spaces where people can transform, and that doesn't mean people are comfortable all the time… We need to cultivate a belief that people can transform."

- Erin Heaney

It was such a gift to be with so many other people on the call last week; the hope, joy, and commitment were palpable (see us inviting our people to #ComeOnIn on Instagram and Twitter!). There’s never been a more important time to find our folks and get down to the fight of getting free, together. We need each other in this work.


Loving hard and fighting hard, 


the SURJ team




Showing Up for Racial Justice
PO Box 1376
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