Fw: Announcing: "Radical Anti-Bias Education 2022" Online Training

Carol Clarke

I heard about this group and their workshops from a Friend in the Poplar Ridge meeting.   I've attended one of the workshops done by this group and it was really effective.  One of the two people who create and facilitate the workshops, David Dean, is a Quaker.  Their is assigned reading and videos that they provide online and they record every session, so you can take the course on your own schedule (if you miss the live sessions you only really miss the breakout group discussions).  

So for all of these reasons, I'm sharing this announcement with IMM Friends..


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Subject: Announcing: "Radical Anti-Bias Education 2022" Online Training

Training begins July 17 - register today!
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Radical Anti-Bias Education:

Cultivating True Comrades in Struggle

Online Training with White Awake 
Facilitators: Eleanor Hancock and David Dean

“Those seeking genuine democracy must fight like hell to convince white people that what is good for black people is also good for them.”



“Chauvinism degrades and brutalizes the working class, dulls its class consciousness, and makes sections of the working class pliant tools in the hands of their [actual] enemy.”


sources: 2020 Dissent article “The Death of Hannah Fizer” and 1949 US Communist Party paper "The Struggle Against White Chauvinism"


Radical Anti-Bias Education is an online training from White Awake designed to support people socially classified as “white” in unlearning race and class biases within the context of a liberatory struggle for an equitable and life-sustaining society. 

While contemporary implicit bias trainings have their origins in a corporate reaction to the passage of anti-discrimination legislation of the 60’s (and were designed with the primary purpose of protecting these organizations from litigation), Radical Anti-Bias Education will be held in the spirit of radical political parties and labor organizations of the past who did this work for the explicit purpose of building strong, diverse coalitions to challenge ruling class power.

In this training we’ll share tools and best practices for catching and interrupting unconscious bias while directing our participants to the place where deep transformation actually occurs: the comradeship that grows from solidarity-based struggle for social change.

This training will help you:

  • Understand how anti-bias education has been historically significant in building radical, solidarity-based social movements (and recognize how the current, mainstream use of this tool is insufficient or flawed).
  • Gain historical knowledge about how biased beliefs and behaviors have been strategically instilled into the masses over time by a ruling class intent on domination through division.
  • Identify a variety of common race and class biases. Learn concrete tools for noticing these biases they arise within us, grounding ourselves emotionally, and eliminating their distortions. Avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism or blame and consider how reducing bias helps us build collective power.
  • Learn effective strategies centered on compassion and comradeship for helping others address bias in themselves. 
  • Find opportunities to get involved with groups that are using these strategies to challenge the divide-and-conquer tactics of elites and unite the multiracial 99% to create the world that all of us need.
Why focus on race and class? While there are many biases to unpack, Radical Anti-Bias Education: Cultivating True Comrades in Struggle will center specifically on race and class bias. We do not intend to downplay other forms of bias but have limited our focus in order to go deeper into specific content areas than a broad-based training would allow. A focus on race and class falls within our “wheelhouse” as an organization, building on our strengths and content areas of other courses. Attention will be given to how these two specific forms of bias intersect, are mutually reinforcing, and form strong barriers to united action for collective liberation.
*This training is a white caucus. For more information about this, and other logistical aspects of the training, see our Participant Agreements & Live Session Ground Rules document.

July 17, July 31, and Aug 7 

4-6:30pm ET (1-3:30pm PT)

Sliding scale $60 - $240 fee for training

No one turned away for lack of funds


Click here to register on our site


Sessions will be recorded. Live attendance is not mandatory. 


Please note: White Awake is a US based organization. While we often have participants join us from other parts of the world (which is a delight and an honor!), if you join from outside the US you will need to do some translating between the work of this course and its application to your location.

Meet the Facilitators:


Eleanor Hancock

Eleanor Hancock has built White Awake from a small website to an organization of national significance. As the founder and director of the organization, Eleanor holds a strong vision for White Awake's work, and has built a supportive team of leadership to guide it. Eleanor’s leadership grows out of years of experience as an activist, academic, artist, educator, and mother of a biracial child. For more on how Eleanor frames her work, you can listen to this recent interview on the 10% Happier Podcast.

David Dean

David Dean is Associate Director of White Awake and is passionate about supporting activists to build the powerful alliances our movements need to win. Since joining the organization as a trainer in 2017, he has taught courses for more than 3000 participants. His message is grounded in rich historical analysis and personal experience. David is author of the essay Roots Deeper than Whiteness, a central piece of White Awake curriculum, and is currently writing a book that expands upon it. Learn more about him at davidbfdean.com.

This course is actively supported by White Awake Advisory Council Members:

To read more about White Awake's mission and organizational oversight, see our About page. You can also reach out directly to: info@...
Sometimes we are asked "why do you charge for your work?"

White Awake focuses on education. We help promote a clear understanding of how global, corporate capitalism is the driving force behind the structural inequity of these times. We shed light on how white supremacy perpetuates inequity by dividing those of us with common interests, making it difficult to replace capitalism with a system that serves our mutual well being.

White Awake and our instructors support a transition away from global, corporate capitalism; we support reparations to historically targeted groups, communities and Peoples; and we make our work available to all regardless of financial means.

We believe the work that we do is significant, and we want to do it well. To this end, we charge a modest fee for our online workshops, and solicit donations from our participants and supporters, in order to meet our financial needs. This allows White Awake staff and instructors to focus their time and energy on the educational work this project promotes, for the benefit of all.

If you have further questions, please contact: info@...
Photo credits
Southern Tenant Farmers Union: Photographer Louise Boyle, from Kheel Center collection
Garment workers listening to funeral service for MLK: Wikimedia Commons
Communist Party Oral Histories: NYU's Tamiment Library collection
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White Awake combats white supremacy by focusing on educational resources and spiritual practices designed to engage people who've been socially categorized as "white" in the creation of a just and sustainable society.

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