Cultures of Peace and Justice training in Buffalo - Aug 1-6

Dear Friends, especially Teens and Young Adult Friends, 

We decided to meet in person, August 1-6, 2020, for Cultures of Peace and Justice, for teens and young adults organizing social change with adult allies.  

We will meet outdoors, under a tarp, with masks, and wash hands frequently. People will commute or bring tents to sleep in the side yard. Limited home stays are available, but please ask in advance.

Teens and young adults are coming from Wisconsin and Minnesota who are hoping to work with young people in Buffalo. They will all test before they get in the car together, and take precautions when we are together. Interest has been expressed in Rochester, Syracuse, and Philly, so please coordinate. 

We can't do this work alone, so consider coming as a team, bring energy, and support young people!

Racial justice will be a marathon, not a sprint,

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