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Ruth Yarrow

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Subject: [TC SURJ Leadership Circle] Fwd: Tues. 1/25 Resolution Meeting
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Please see below! I hope SURJ will join in to this.

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Date: Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 9:12 PM
Subject: Tues. 1/25 Resolution Meeting


Thank you so much for your interest in solidarity with the Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ and Council of Chiefs and Clanmothers. In the spirit of the Two Row Wampum Treaty, non-Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ organizers are working toward holding the U.S. government accountable to its ongoing violations of Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ self-determination. The movement energy around this work is multifaceted, but right now we wanted to share about one piece of these efforts – a resolution that we hope the City of Ithaca will pass soon.

Grounded in the Two-Row Wampum Renewal Resolution that Ithaca passed in 2013, this resolution would:

  • -- urge the U.S. federal government to heed the removal of Clint Halftown from a representative role, as per Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ governance decisions;
  • -- address the city’s government-to-government relationship with the Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ.
  • This resolution has been in the works for months and the process has included many different perspectives. (We are excited to share more in the meeting– see below!)

Before the resolution is introduced in Common Council, we are hoping a broad range of local groups will “sign on” endorsing the resolution, with some joining us in multi-pronged community lobbying/education efforts. The idea is for Common Council to feel the sense of community power behind this resolution so they are inspired to pass it smoothly.

We will be holding an “orientation” meeting on Tues, 1/25 at 7 pm, for those trying to come together in solidarity on this issue. We will cover the context and content of the resolution, as well as what the next steps and asks are for those who want to help make sure this gets passed. And of course there will be time for questions! 

If you cannot personally attend, please invite anyone from your organization who is interested in joining. Please register at this link. (If you’re affiliated with an organization that might sign on, please put the org’s name in the “Last name” slot on registration form.) 

So – you’re invited: 


–People/orgs desiring to support upcoming resolution passing process 

–Hosted by non-Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ resolution organizers (these efforts are associated with the #HalftownMustGo social media campaign)

WHAT: Info Meeting Covering Background and Next Steps on Community-Powered City of Ithaca Resolution re Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ Governance

WHEN: TUESDAY, Jan. 25, 7 pm (1 hr meeting)

ZOOM REGISTRATION: https://cornell.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUpd-2vrjIvHt3hH2m5EFl6dODgUfKBj4wr

Thank you! 

-Maddie, volunteer on #HalftownMustGo

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