Invitation to Isreal/Palestine Event from Tikkun v'Or

Invitation: Congregation Tikkun v'Or will be hosting a Zoom "Interfaith Dialogue on a Just and sustainable future for Israel/Palestine" featuring Jonathan Kuttab (a co-founder of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq and co-founder of Nonviolence International. A well-known international human rights attorney, Jonathan practices in the US, Palestine and Israel)  and Yehezkel Landau (a dual Israeli-American citizen, an interfaith educator, author, and consultant working to improve Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations . The date is Sunday, February 20, beginning at 3pm.

The purpose of this discussion is to offer the community two innovative approaches to imagining a sustainable future in Israel/Palestine, and to allow us all to open our minds to workable possibilities, rather than giving in to hopelessness. Both Yehezkel and Jonathan share the ability to consider the genuine connection both peoples have to the land, and to envision a path to empower all the groups that have been engaged in conflict to have a say in their future destiny.

Initially envisioned as a Congregation Tikkun v'Or event, Yehezkel suggested the idea of reaching out to a variety of congregations (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) to co-sponsor, so that a broad section of our community can participate, and so that a variety of groups can offer modest contributions toward honoraria for the presenters.

Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman and our co-Presidents are supportive of this initiative, and Rabbi Shifrah has asked me to reach out to you initially, so that you're aware of our plan.

I know many Friends share a deep concern about Israel/Palestine, so I am guessing you'll recognize the value of bringing together these two speakers. When you have time to look at their writings on Israel/Palestine below, I imagine you'll agree that they have important perspectives to share.

All best, always, and do be in touch.
Will Fudeman

Yehezkel's article "Can Zionism be Redeemed?" in Tikkun-

Jonathan's new book Beyond the Two State Solution -  not very long, a free download from his website-

Update: First Congregational Church and St Johns Episcopal Church are co-sponsoring so far (and several members of the board of the Islamic Association of the Finger Lakes have donated toward our expenses.

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