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Hi Everyone--Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  Last week was a whirlwind for me.

ISA Monthly Meeting Minutes
October 26, 2021

Sanctuary and Drucila Updates (Kristen)
  • Lawyer informed her that case is literally in storage--it will be months at least before any progress
  • Swimming lessons are going well, Jessie initially apprehensive but then enthusiastic; Drucila hoping for more opportunity to learn--rides have all been arranged through Linda Yetter, so support congregations don’t have to worry about it
  • Halloween and trick or treating with Weislogel’s in Fall Creek.  Looking for costumes
  • Drucila would like to visit St. Paul’s to sell bracelets--Anne H. will schedule.
  • Wisdom teeth removal will be with Dr. Bounwell Nov. 4--$2650.  Transport and care has been arranged.  Speaking from recent experience, Bill F. noted that she should plan for an entire day of support--really knocks one out.
  • Debt collection emergency has been resolved--cost for the entire procedure for the wrist has been $62 to date
  • Budget--a month behind in reconciling things because the FCC finance person has been dealing with some personal matters.  No major expenditures since last month, so roughly $21,000 as a balance.

Transition Team
  • There has been lots of electronic conversation between Jackie J. and Madonna S., but neither were able to attend the meeting.  Hopefully some updates at the next meeting.
  • Housing is a big priority--Anne wondered about elder care as an option (beyond the possibility Kristen is exploring)
  • We had a conversation about encouraging Drucila to shift her focus at ODE from English to studying for the GED, since so many jobs will require that.  We could reallocate financial resources to support that.
  • Low income (Section 8) housing might be a possibility--need to investigate whether a Visa or green card are needed

  • Dec. 4 Fundraiser--template for email and social media solicitations will go out tomorrow
  • Discussion about where soup prep will happen (St. Paul’s or FCC); Drucila wants to make tamales too, which will need space, but hopefully these can be made in advance and frozen
  • Discussed whether to have curbside pick-up or have people come to the door--decided that we will encourage people to come to the door, since Drucila will be selling bracelets, but that curbside service will be available.
  • Need to ask Drucila if Miguel would like to come down.
  • Volunteer sign-up for fundraiser will go out shortly.

Next meeting (and last for 2021) on Tuesday, November 30--given that the next two meetings conflict with holidays and that it would be good 

Support rotation through end of 2021

Nov. 7 FCC
Nov. 14 First Baptist
Nov. 21 T v’O--Thanksgiving Week
Nov. 28 St. Catherine’s
Dec. 12 St. Paul’s/Forest Home
Dec. 19 FCC--Christmas and Jessie’s Birthday
Dec. 26 First Baptist
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