last-minute way to join carbon-pricing interest group 7 pm Monday

Margaret McCasland

If you would like to learn more about specific federal bills re: carbon pricing, or how to connect with a lobby team, or whatever you would like to know more about carbon pricing in general, you can still join tonight's interest group by replying to me and I will send you the zoom link. I am not a presenter, but my job is to "curate" what people say they want to know more about, so please either let me know your informational needs before we start tomorrow night (especially if you have a detailed question), or be prepared to succinctly share it with us early in the program (via chat or verbally). The presenters will tailor the second part of the presentation based on what you tell us.

--Margaret     607-216-1091

DOING THE NYYM CARBON PRICING MINUTE (James Ralston, Diane Keefe, Laura Cisar): At Spring Sessions, NYYM approved a minute that encourages the enactment of carbon pricing legislation by the federal government in 2021. (Minute 2021-04-20) Economists agree that setting a price on carbon emissions is the best way to foster innovative solutions to stabilize our climate to a habitable state. In this Interest Group, three activist Quakers will engage participants on ways to convince federal legislators to adopt laws that will effectively move our nation to net zero carbon emissions. July 12, 7-8:30 PM

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