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Hi all,
I'm not sure I sent this to the right email last week so here we go again. Apologies if there are any duplicates.

Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance Meeting, Tuesday June 29, 2021                                        5:30pm-6:35pm

Jessie’s Summer Camp. All congregations should recruit drivers and phone their respective camps to notify them of the names of all drivers who will potentially be dropping off or picking Jessie up. Also please remind volunteers to make a mental note of what items Jessie is dropped off with (which will vary from camp to camp) so that they make sure she comes home with all the same items.  So far, most organizations have one or two drivers who have volunteered to do multiple days or trips. If anyone is having trouble finding people, FCC has extra people willing to drive, so please contact Andy or Kristen at least a week in advance. The camps should be notified of the drivers no later than the morning of the Friday before. If any of the drivers would like to meet Jessie and Drucila ahead of time, that can be arranged through the ISA reps or Amy Stoll (FCCI member who has been helping D. with camps) at scottamy@...

Camp Week              Location                   Camp hours        ISA Member Org            Volunteers lined up?

July 12-16               Children’s Garden         9am-12pm          First Baptist                     yes

                                  (Cass Park)

July 19-23              Primitive Pursuits        9:30am-1:30pm    Tikkun v’Or                     not yet

July 26-30              Heart and Home          9am-1pm                 St. Catherine’s              not yet

August 2-6             Primitive Pursuits        9:30-1:30             FUSIT/Living hope            yes

August 9-13           Heart and Home          9:00-1:00pm      St. Paul’s/FH                     not yet

August 16-20         Children’s garden         9:00-1:00pm         FCCI                                   yes                        

Medical Updates: On July 22nd, D. had minor surgery at the Surgicare with Dr. Stephanie DeBuck. They removed a ganglion cyst which they described as located in an unusual place and larger than normal. It was pressing on nerves and tendons, so they are hopeful that by removing it, she will feel relief of the pain that was extending up to her elbow. We have not yet seen a bill, but we are going to apply for the CMC program for people with no insurance. The out of pocket cost will run between $2400 and $3,000, but we’re hopeful some of that will be forgiven.

At her dental cleaning, the x-rays revealed that she has impacted wisdom teeth that should be removed. She said that two of them are starting to come in and causing her some pain. Andy scheduled a consultation with oral surgeon Dr. Bonniwel for August 23rd. Rachel Wilson volunteered to accompany her on this visit.  The cost of removing impacted wisdom teeth will vary, and won’t be known until the consult, but could run between $2000 and $3500.

Legal updates: July 29, 2021 will mark the one year anniversary of the day that Drucila arrived at FCCI. Because her lawyers are pro-bono, it is difficult to get a consultation with them, and only FCC’s lawyer has permission to discuss her case. The Sanctuary Ministry Team at FCC will ask for a meeting between the two lawyers just to get an update and possible timeframe as we move to sign another 6-month renewal of her sanctuary agreement.

Year-end volunteer recognition and “look to the future” picnic: We have been so fortunate to have so many people willing to help support D. and Jessie this year and we would like to formally recognize them. We had a brief discussion about how best to do that, and the consensus was that a picnic (at FCCI so D. can attend) makes the most sense. We decided to try Sept. 12th at 12:00pm so we can send out save the date notices. This picnic can serve the double purpose of recognizing all of the people that contributed their time and money over the past year, as well as bring in new volunteers who are interested in helping out in the future.

Carpentry class update: Every year The Hammerstone Carpentry School sponsors a class for female students at Open Doors English. This year the class was held in the parking lot at FCCI so that D. could participate. 12 women worked from 9-am-3pm to build themselves flower boxes. The staff at ODE wrote a nice thank you card to FCCI and the Sanctuary Alliance that Kristen read some of aloud.

Budget Review – Andy W. walked everyone through the budget which can be found at

Highlights include: 1) the continued unsolicited monthly donations, and generous donations by ISA members of food. Together with the Tikkyn v’Or fundraiser and the hanging basket fundraiser have brought in over $4000 2) the final figures for the apartment installation where $1,495; 3) although we have not yet been billed for any of it, D.’s surgery will run between $2,400 and $3,000. 4) the dental donation of $420 by Dr. McCutcheon. To date it has cost $8,072.11 to support the two of them at FCCI.

Apartment Construction- Herb reported that he, Danny Fox, and Kristen had completed the installation of the new electrical circuit, range hood, stove, and cabinets in the apartment. The project took Danny and Herb about four days with Kristen assisting one morning to install the roof vent. D. is now thrilled that she can cook steak, bake chicken, and learn how to bake pizza and cakes. Thank you to Anna S. for all the time she spent cooking with Drucila downstairs, and for any future baking projects that happen in the apartment.

D. and energy use – Herb brought up the fact that Drucila expressed concern to him about using too much of the church’s electricity. With the current heat, he wanted to make sure she knew she could use the AC units. Andy reported that he had checked it with her after she reported a leak last Thursday and that Danny Fox had repaired it. Amy reported that the AC was on when she visited on Friday. Some confusion over the winter about which heat source to use has led to the false impression that the church didn’t want her to use a lot of electricity. Folks are encouraged to make sure she is not sacrificing comfort because of this.


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