workshop Tues 6/22, 7 pm: Bringing Climate Concerns to Congress

Margaret McCasland

Speaking Truth to Power: Bringing Climate Concerns (and Carbon Pricing!) to Congress
Tuesday, June 22,  7:00-8:00 p.m.  
Please join NYYM's Climate Justice Working Group to learn about engaging with your representative to advocate for the planet and for carbon pricing, the method widely agreed to be the most efficient way for countries to reduce global warming emissions. Strategies will be presented on how to build common ground and communicate your concerns. Please register to receive the zoom link. 

For those interested to know why this is important, please see this article. Our emitted CO2 goes up and practically never comes down. More CO2 means more warming year to year. It is already causing an estimated 35% of global excess deaths which happen during ever more extreme heat waves.

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