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Elizabeth Schneider

Dear Friends,
Below are the Ithaca Sanctuary Minutes from their April 27 meeting.   Elizabeth Schneider


ISA April 2021 Meeting Minutes (via Zoom)

  1. Updates from FCC Sanctuary

  • Meeting with Drucila and potluck--May 16 at FCC 11:30-1:00 outdoor event, thereafter the 1st Sunday of every month similar event--to meet and chat w/ Drucila

  • Sharing the FCC sanctuary experience--encouraging other congregations about sanctuary--Group formed, meeting w/ First Baptist this Sunday

  • Jessie and Summer Camp Rides--4 weeks non-consecutive. Maybe Lime Hollow? Some ideas for making the process as smooth as possible

  • Share a photo to help both the camp coordinators and Jessie know who is picking up and dropping off--ideal is to have same person each day--better, same person all week

  • Volunteers will also get a list of what Jessie takes each day and confirm that it is all returned with Jessie.  

  • Carseats--might be good to have more than one

ACTION ITEM--Check the dates (see your turn in the cycle below) Confirm with your congregation that you can give a ride.

  • Drucila’s GED work going well--loves math; FCC Sanctuary donating $100/mo. For her classes; working w/ Christian Neilson Palacio to design bracelet promotion materials.

  • Stove upgrade to sanctuary apartment, including hood.  Due to the inconvenience of having to cook two floors down with a 3 year old to attend to, and the problem of smoke when cooking in the apt., FCC is going to install a 20” stove with venting and bank of cabinets.  Probably 3rd week of May. $1500

  • Sunday, May 2 Spring Cleaning at the apartment at 1:30

  • Budget Update--see spreadsheet, but in general the finances for sanctuary are solid at the moment, with additional funds coming in in May with the two fundraisers--see below

Discussion: are the expenses about in line with expectations?  Pretty much--no legal and no medical to speak of.

Question for contemplation--There is so much more need for sanctuary in the area. Given our fundraising success over the past two years and the expenses associated with a sanctuary guest over the past 9 months, could we support TWO sanctuaries in the community?  Some considerations: we have been fortunate that Drucila has not had any significant medical or legal expenses.

ACTION ITEM: Take this question back to your congregations for discussion, reflection

  1. Fundraising

  • FCC Hanging Baskets--fantastic response 200+ orders=$1500+

If you have more orders you haven’t submitted, Could use help unloading truck and helping with the pick-up of the baskets by buyers on May 19;  Send Nancy an email if you can help out.

  • T v'O Trivia Night

May 15--especially encourage youth groups--the multigenerational character of the Oct. 2019 event was really fun! Spread the word with flyer (Laurie W. sent to the ISA list and it is attached to this email as well).  Suggested donation 

ACTION ITEM: Promote, circulate flyer (attached)

  • Open Doors fundraiser success $12000+

  1. Additional items: Young woman living at the Advocacy Center still looking for housing with infant.  Please spread the word and if you have anyone who is interested contact Kristen.

  1. Brief discussion: advocacy and education after Biden's 1st 100 days--misinformation and fear about migration is still pervasive.  Share your stories about working with immigrants and help those who are struggling with the idea of radical welcome understand the reasons why most people migrate to the U.S.

Next meeting May 25, 5:30-6:30

Support Rotation--Weeks that Jessie needs a ride to camp are bolded with the camp in parentheses

May 2 St. Catharine’s


May 16 St. Paul’s/ Forest Home

May 23 FCC

May 30 First Baptist

June 6 T v’O

June 13 St. Catharine’s


June 27 St. Paul’s/ Forest Home

July 4 FCC

July 11 First Baptist (Children’s Garden)

July 18 T v’O (Primitive Pursuits)

July 25 St. Catherine’s

Aug. 1 FUSIT/LHF (Primitive Pursuits)

Aug. 8 St. Paul’s/Forest Home

Aug. 15 FCC (Children’s Garden)

Aug. 2 First Baptist

Aug. 29 T v’O

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