sticky Welcome with instructions By Marin Clarkberg ·
A message from the Ad Hoc Working Group for Immigrant Support regarding support for Moon Woolf and baby Damian By Margaret McCasland ·
How Friends can help welcome baby Damian Ambroise Ngayimoko-Woolf 2 messages By Margaret McCasland ·
An Invitation from the Task Group on Racism - Rochester Monthly Meeting (Quakers) By ·
Day of Mourning to Offer Healing and Compassion After a Year of Covid By Margaret McCasland ·
Luminarias are going to light up Fall Creek and and other areas of Ithaca this year! By Amala Lane ·
Supporting the hungry and a living wage By Pat Sewell ·
Donations for Freeville Community Member: Drop Off Info Included By ·
Free Heat Pumps? Don’t miss out, enroll today! By Barbara Chase ·
Fw: Benefit auction for immigrants & refugees, starts today By Carol Clarke ·
First Nations and Thanksgiving By Amala Lane ·
our member spotlighted By Nancy Tonachel Gabriel ·
Seeking Housewares for Freeville Community Member By ·
Mayor Potential Requesting Help Throughout Tompkins County: Emergency Aid Following Hurricane Eta By ·
New book on aging by member of our Meeting By Nancy Riffer ·
PRISM: Save the date for a delicious Haitian and Guatemalan meal - December 5th only! By Shirley Way ·
Angela's Grandson By Elizabeth Schneider ·
Ithaca Sanctuary Alliance Benefit By Elizabeth Schneider ·
Fw: What Happens Now? The Future of Immigration Policy By ·
Howard Thurman, a friend of Ned & Marjorie Burtt By Nancy Tonachel Gabriel ·
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