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Marin Clarkberg

Welcome to the Community subgroup of IMMRSF, one of three subgroups to serve Ithaca Monthly Meeting. (The other two are Announcements and Witness.) All your groups and subgroups are listed at the top of your browser (in the blue band area) under "Your Groups."

This subgroup is for the g
eneral sharing of information to enhance the IMM community. Posts that might be shared here might include inspiration poems, requests for pet sitting, sharing of information about music recitals or art shows, give-aways, and invitations to public events.

The email address can be use to distribute messages to the Community subgroup of IMMRSF. You can control how you want to receive your email, if at all!, using the "Subscription" menu to the left. You can also post by using the "New Topic" button on the left side of this webpage.

It is easy to view messages here, regardless of whether or how you are receiving messages over email. You can choose between several defaults to view the message board . One way is to click on the dark blue button at the top left of the message board default setting is "Topics" which displays only the existing topics:

If there is a number next to the topic name, it's the number of replies under the topic.  To view the replies under a given topic, click on the topic name and the messages will be expanded and displayed in the order they were posted. The display order can be reversed with the most recent reply displayed first by clicking the "Date" button at the top right of the message window.  This also applies to all viewing modes.

When you click on the dark blue "Topics" button, a menu appears - "Messages", "Expanded" and "Polls" (top to bottom).  Selecting "Messages" lists messages displaying only the amount of text that will fit the width of the window.  Selecting "Expanded" displays all messages with full content, the most recent at the top. Again, the display order can be reversed by clicking the "Date" button.  Arrows at the top right, when appropriate, can be used to scroll through by clicking the appropriate button. The last choice "Polls" probably won't be used much here but would work the same as the others.

The next button, "Search" works just like the search does in many applications.

The small button that looks kind of like a funnel (can't figure that one out) opens up a hidden menu that allows you to view messages, etc., over a default span of time from the menu or a customized time range you can specify.

A nice feature that is available to you, because I enabled it when I set up this Group, is the ability to edit your message/replies after they have been sent.  So if you mess up when you send something to the Group, you don't need to panic and/or repost... you can go back and fix/edit it so that it at least will be correct on the website. Just go to the message and under the message there is a bar with "Reply", "Like" and "More" buttons.  Click the "More" button, a menu pops up and click "Edit Message". Make your changes and select one of the options at the bottom, you can even delete the message all together if you want to. Funny thing is there's also a box to explain how you screwed up in the first place, though I don't really know if any one would notice.