Urgent: People's Vaccine

Miguel Piery

Dear Friends: 
I am sharing this email I received from Avaaz about asking P. Biden to share the vaccine recipe with developing countries and the world.
Please, send your message, if you agree.


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Join me to call Biden, to share the vaccine recipe with the world
Dear friends,
A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

I believe that everyone in the world should have the right to be protected from this potentially deadly virus.

That's why I’m joining forces with the People’s Vaccine campaign, asking President Biden to join developing nations in calling on pharmaceutical companies to suspend the patents on Covid-19 vaccines. So that this life-protecting vaccine can become available to everyone around the world. We need to boost production in all parts of the world as soon as possible.

Please join me -- take a moment to send an urgent message to President Biden using the buttons below, and ask your friends if they can do, too.

Annie Lennox

Contact Joe Biden

As a deadly second wave is sweeping India, with people dying on the streets outside hospitals, the US administration is under pressure to share the vaccine recipes -- and they are seriously considering it. If in the next 24 hours we send President Biden thousands of messages from every corner of America, we could inspire him to be the courageous leader the world needs. Ask Joe Biden to lift the patents and share the science with the world, so that more countries can produce the life-saving vaccines. Send your message now:

More about the campaign:

The global voices of support for a People’s Vaccine are growing, with millions of people joining the movement -- including scientists, world leaders, Nobel Laureates, artists, civil society organisations, 100 developing nations, and the World Health Organisation, all calling for the patents to be lifted, and the vaccine recipe to be shared openly.

And there is hope.

Right now, the Biden administration is considering temporarily lifting the intellectual property barriers for vaccines, with the US Trade Representative saying that “the market once again has failed in meeting the health needs of developing countries.” Meanwhile, the Big Pharma are holding their Annual General Meetings, and are feeling the pressure from shareholders and the public.

This is our opportunity to come together, and flood President Biden with messages of support, urging him to share the vaccine recipe with the world. Take a moment to think why you care about this issue, and then send your message of inspiration:

With hope and determination,
Spyro, Luis, Marie, Adela, Will and the whole team at Avaaz

More details:

White House weighs temporarily lifting intellectual property shield on Covid-19 vaccines (CNBC)

Former world leaders call on Biden to suspend Covid-19 vaccine patents (Financial Times)

Ambassador Katherine Tai’s remarks at a WTO virtual conference on Covid-19 vaccine equity (Office of the US Trade Representative)

Lawmakers urge Biden to back 'moral' patent waiver to speed vaccine access (Reuters)

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