Wheelbarrowing soil **Wednesday** for Project Abundance - Help

Elizabeth V. Keokosky

Agway delivery at 9am. We have extra wheelbarrows and shovels

On Apr 12, 2021, at 2:47 PM, Elizabeth V. Keokosky <evk1@cornell.edu> wrote:

Hi all
I’ve just been doing the math. 1 yard of soil equals around 2000 lbs. We have ordered 7 yards for our 4 boxes. That’s 14,000 lbs of soil that has to be moved. The soil should be coming tomorrow (Agway had a delay) Tuesday.

If anybody can bring over a wheelbarrow and/or a shovel it looks like we’ll be doing it all day and maybe the next day. Even if you can bring the wheelbarrow and leave it.

Help is wanted - There are 14 wheelbarrow loads in a cubic yard for a 2-cubic-foot smaller wheelbarrow, and nine wheelbarrow loads in a cubic yard for a 3-cubic-foot construction variety.

The more people the merrier. Best wishes, Earthcare