Legal volunteers for election protection sought by Reclaim Our Vote

Amala Lane

We are recruiting attorneys and other legal professionals for a short term rapid response election protection effort.

We will be focusing on supporting election protection efforts where needed in key counties in our 8 target states. Election administration is a county function, so election protection efforts are focused on procedures and operations for each county. In some states and counties, other groups are active; we are looking to fill in the gaps where more support is needed. 

Examples of concerns and associated efforts include:

  1. The electronic poll books can be hacked - polling sites need printed backup - see

  2. Ensuring that digital images of paper ballots are retained.

  3. Obtaining copies of the poll tapes that are posted outside the polls to compare to the number of ballots reported after tabulation

  4. Ensuring that all votes are counted.

We are looking for help in three areas:

  1. Remote (who may live anywhere) to call and document state and county policies and practices, for example:

  • What are the laws and policies at the state and county level?

  • Do they have a printed backup copy of their electronic poll book

  • Do they keep digital ballot images of paper ballots?

  • How and when do they process mail ballots (mailed, dropped in dropboxes, turned in at early vote centers)

  • What are their rules for election observers

  • How/when they count all ballots, what are the requirements for becoming an observer of the count

2. Local attorneys or legal professionals can handle documentation such as poll tapes, serve as a poll watcher or observe the counting.

3. See Something Say Something ( is the incident reporting system developed by DemLabs. We will need trained legal professionals as well as others to review reported incidents to determine whether they are real, and if so how to address them. This will be during Early Voting and on Election Day.

If you are an attorney or legal professional willing to help us with Election Protection, please sign up here.

Thank you.

- Andrea Miller 

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