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Amala Lane

Dear Friends,

It's unfortunate but I do not think people who are not already part of their Quaranteam or pod should be inside a car together even if they wear masks and sit as far apart as possible.  Carpooling is risky.

I still hope people can go.


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Solidarity with our rural neighbors. Carpooling recommended.
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Hello Friends-  Attached is a flyer and additional details about an event that we are planning in Enfield. It's happening next Saturday morning, 9/5--we hope you'll come and support our efforts!  We need numbers!


We are Marching in
Support of Black Lives

Saturday, September 5th 
Join us as we demonstrate awareness of the injustices faced by People of Color every day and our commitment to bringing about necessary change in our communitand    beyond.


We will meet for our peaceful march at 9:30AM at the Enfield Park & Ride across from the Town Hall (168 Enfield Main Rd. Ithaca). Please wear a mask and plan to observe safe distancing practices.  Accommodations will be made for those unable to walk the full distance. Questions? Contact AntiRacistsInEnfield@....


Please park behind the Town Hall garage or at the Park and Ride. No parking in the front of the Town Hall garage and please do not block the Fire Company access drive.

Black Lives Matter
in Enfield

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