Part time jobs available - help needed by Friends

Carol Clarke

Chris and Ginny Gartlein need some help and are paying.  If you know somebody who is interested, please call them at 607-272-3471.  They only have this one number which is a landline - they do not have email.

One part time job is to help set up their stall each week at the Farmers Market - Saturdays from 8:30-10am and Sundays from 9am to 10:30.  They will pay $45-50 a week for both days.  Requires some lifting.  Through the  market season.

The second part time job is at their home (350 Hill Road in Ithaca) - they would like somebody to come twice a month for a few hours to help with cleaning and laundry.  The hours are flexible.  You would have to talk to them to discuss payment (will depend on how many hours and what work is done).

For next winter they would also like to find a young person who would like to live in their home and, in exchange for rent, help them with firewood and other jobs around their home.  Must be strong and willing to do some heavy work.  

I told Ginny I would send out this announcement - please spread the word.

Carol Clarke
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