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Next week I leave for Honduras - 6 weeks at the Amigas del Senor Quaker/Methodist monastery (see more details below). If you're interested in being on an email list to receive updates of my journeys, please send an email to cai-quirk-updates+subscribe@.... I will not be on social media while in Honduras or doing much communication other than sending these occasional email updates.
     (The following description is the same as a recent Facebook post) I have long been interested in monasticism and living simply, but never thought I would have the chance to visit a Quaker monastery since I didn't think any existed! Though I myself experience spirituality through a lens that is not centered on Christ, there are many ways to be a Quaker (or more generally spiritual) and I want to be able to better hear and understand the spiritual experiences of people with a variety of beliefs. Some of the daily prayer times focus on Bible passages, while others are held in silent Quaker worship. The time in Honduras living in voluntary poverty will also give me new perspectives on American culture and our particular versions of capitalism and materialism. These new understandings will help me be more able to listen to what Spirit is asking of me in this lifetime.
     The Amigas are open to a non-binary person visiting them, but Honduran culture is not as flexible, so I will be presenting as a woman while there. Spirit led me to finding my non-binary gender in the first place, and now Spirit is supporting me in being willing to take on the appearance of a binary gender for six weeks, as part of this journey of spiritual growth. Though I won't be able to show some aspects of my full self, there are other parts of my full self that I will be much more able to express in the monastery than in the US, and this will be a journey of experimentation, faith, learning, growth, and joy in so many ways.
     Interested in learning more about the monastery? Here is their website: and here is their Google Group where you can sign up to receive emails about the monastery (beyond the updates I will be personally sending to my own email list):

Cai Quirk
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