Luminaria for the Winter Solstice!

Amala Lane

Dear Friends,

Last year in Fall Creek, Belle Sherman, and a bit of Lansing, neighbors placed luminaria outside on the Winter Solstice, December 20.  This was such a beautiful and cheerful display.  I've suggested it to the Northside United Neighborhood group and there is lots of enthusiasm.  I also have just posted it to my NextDoor Fall Creek neighborhood group.  Would F(f)riends like to join in wherever they are? Luminaria can be made from simple brown bag, sand or gravel, votive candles (real or LED).  And last year I saw some folks got very intentive and created ice votives by freezing balloons filled with water. Here's a link to instructions: But these were especially pretty.  

Do Quakers want to make their lights shine on Solstice? I hope so!


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