Paul Robeson, "The Black King of Songs, " and China tomorrow at noon with Gao Yunxiang

Amala Lane

"Arise! Ye Who Refuse to be Bond Slaves:" Paul Robeson, "The Black King of Songs, " and China is the complete lecture title to be given by Professor Gao Yunxiang, History, Ryerson University

This lecture is adapted from a chapter in Gao Yunxiang’s new book Arise, Africa! Roar, China! Black and Chinese Citizens of the World in the Twentieth Century (UNC Press, December 2021). In this lecture, Gao unpacks the dynamic yet scarcely noted relations between Paul Robeson (1898-1976), the world-famous African American singer, actor, athlete, lawyer, and political activist, and China throughout most of the twentieth century.

Sponsored by the East Asia Program and EAP Graduate Student Steering Committee

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