[quakerfolks] ADDENDUM: the Indian Boarding Schools march and ceremony This Saturday, JULY 31

Nancy Riffer

Forwarded from the Syracuse listserv. This is the march and ceremony that Maureen Lyons talked about at NYYM meeting for worship for business today

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Dear Quakerfolks,

    Recently,  I wrote  promising more details about the march and ceremony  in commemoration of tragedies at the Indian schools.   The March begins at the sports arena on route 11 on  the Reservation and proceeds to the old Columbus Circle, for a 2pm ceremony.  You may participate as a volunteer,  marcher,  or as an attender at the ceremony.

   The e-mails forwarded below give further information.   If you want to volunteer (including driving), I would suggest that you call Collette Matthews.  If you have trouble getting through or want further information,  give me a call at 446 4914.  Regardless, I feel that this is a wonderful way to participate in the healing of old and more modern wounds to both perpetrators and victims.

   As I understand it, InterFaith Works is helping to organize the events for the Onondagas, and the Onondagas will lead.


With love,


-Dear Quakers,
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Subject: SAVE THE DATE - March 2021

Dear Faith Leaders:


This Saturday, July 31st, as a part of my own spiritual journey, I am planning to walk with the Onondaga to honor the indigenous children who suffered and passed away, as well as those who suffered and returned from the Indigenous Board Schools. If you would like to join me, feel fee to contact me at (315) 427-1712. Help is needed to ferry people to and from the march, and locating an place downtown where people can use restrooms.


With gratitude,


Madalyn Smith.



What:          A time to mourn, recognize the injustice of the Indian Boarding Schools, and stand together for healing.

When:         Saturday, July 31, 2021

Where:        10:00 am    March from the Onondaga Nation Lacrosse Arena on Route 11

2:00 pm      Ceremony and Speakers: Gather in downtown Syracuse at the Cathedral at Columbus Circle

Who: The event is being led by the Onondaga Nation. All are welcome to march with the Nation, and/or to gather for the ceremony. Faith communities are especially welcome.

Things to consider:

  • If you cannot walk the whole march, you can join at various points along the route. The march should be passing by Atonement Lutheran Church, 116 West Glen Ave. (right off S. Salina) between 11:15 am and 11:45, then by Rahma Health Clinic, 3100 S. Salina, around noon. More sites may be added. There will be water and snacks available at each site. Vans will follow the marchers so people who tire can ride.
  • Donations of water and carry-along snacks are needed. Please drop off at InterFaith Works by 5pm on Friday.
  • Vans to transport people who cannot walk the whole march are needed, and to transport walkers back to the Onondaga Nation after the ceremony downtown.
  • Wear orange clothing.
  • Carry a pair of children’s shoes, a child’s toy, and/or flowers, for placement at the ceremony is encouraged.

*Several of IFW’s staff attended a planning meeting (7-22-21) with the Onondaga Nation members and other community groups. We learned that Bishop Lucia will be present at the ceremony, and we hope that other faith leaders will also be present. Contact IFW for more information: Bishop Colette Matthews-Carter, (315) 449-3552 ext 111, bishopcolettecarter@...

Or Olive Sephuma, ext 205 osephuma@....


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