Re: First to know: COVID vaccine appointments available near you for age 65+

Elizabeth V. Keokosky

Walgreens in Owego has extra vaccine for walk-ins today - call them 607 687 0891.  First come first serve.  Also in Walgreens in Johnson City.  Betsy 

On Feb 25, 2021, at 10:43 AM, Barbara Chase <bgarden99@...> wrote:

 I had exactly the same experience as Betsy. I was also on the computer when the email came through. There were a few slots open in early March for the Trumansburg Kinney’s, none in Ithaca when I looked. I clicked on one, but by the time I entered all that information and clicked submit, it said no appointments where available.

I also check the state run sites in Binghamton and Syracuse (find link on Tompkins County Health Department Website.) A couple of weeks ago there were a few appointments available in Syracuse. It took me well over an hour and I had to restart many times because of the same problem-by the time you enter the information the appointment is gone. However I did get an appointment for March 29 in Syracuse. If you able to drive that far, you might also check there, but again, most of the time it says no appointments available. I am still going to try to get one closer because that seems like such a waste of gas to drive all the way to Syracuse for something that should be available locally. I would cancel the Syracuse one if I can find something closer.

Good luck to all,

Barbara C

On Feb 25, 2021, at 10:28 AM, Elizabeth V. Keokosky <evk1@...> wrote:

I was lucky enough yesterday to receive notification from Kinney’s while I was on the computer and started filing out info for a time slot immediately. Probably the same as you.  But by the time I finished filling out information, that time - or any days or times - were no longer available.(if was for the last 4 days of February).

  It is outrageous that their site couldn’t hold the reservation till the time needed to finish entering the data.  

However if Amala got an appointment, then there must be some time limit, so my suggestion is write down all information Medicare #, license #, SS#, copies of all health insurance cards (each place you apply to for vaccinations requires something different; Kinney’s wanted obscure info from our prescription insurance), and have it for immediate access right by your computer.   

I’m taking my own advice as I write this email.   And just remember, part of the problem is that these websites are poorly written.   Betsy

On Feb 25, 2021, at 6:54 AM, Amala Lane <laneamala@...> wrote:

Dear Friends who have been having difficulties getting a vaccination appointment through local pharmacies - I signed up for notifications from Kinney's over three weeks ago - never heard a peep. I tested their site to see if there were any appointments - nada (none).  But just this morning I received this notification. I'm not yet over 65 but for those who are, please try the links below to get an appointment.  If you need help, I can try. Also, if you call 211, you can get some answers as to how to get an appointment if you don't have an easy time doing it on a computer.

With love,
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Hello  - 
Kinney Drugs has just opened vaccine appointments in select stores near you. These appointments are expected to fill very rapidly.
IMPORTANT: By New York State mandate, Kinney Pharmacists can ONLY vaccinate people age 65+ by APPOINTMENT ONLY. In addition, eligible people MUST complete all NYS-mandated vaccination forms and schedule their vaccination appointments ONLINE.
ADDITIONALLY: Those 65+ should make just ONE APPOINTMENT for their FIRST dose of the vaccine. At their first appointment, Kinney Pharmacists will make the SECOND-dose appointment (about 3-4 weeks after the first dose).
Please visit the link below:
COVID Vaccination Scheduling - Dryden
COVID Vaccination Scheduling - Ithaca (Cayuga St)
COVID Vaccination Scheduling - Ithaca (Triphammer Rd)
COVID Vaccination Scheduling - Trumansburg
for additional information including:
  • How to schedule a vaccination appointment (for those age 65+ ONLY);
  • Links to all NYS-mandated online forms;
  • Expectations for vaccination appointments;
  • Transportation resources by county;
  • Facts on the Moderna vaccine; and
  • Cost (there will be no out-of-pocket cost to the patient)
Things are changing very rapidly, and we will continue to communicate details to you just as soon as we can!

In good health,

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