Re: Day of Mourning to Offer Healing and Compassion After a Year of Covid

Margaret McCasland

Thank you for sending this. I have forwarded it to Alice and some others who worship with the Earthcare Working Group, as well as to the people with whom I helped plan NYYM's Meeting for Grieving during Summer Sessions and the clerks of Indian Affairs and Witness Coordinating. I will also share it with people in my Monthly Meeting (via bcc).

On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 3:55 PM Keith Voos <keithvoos48@...> wrote:
Dear Friends---

I think perhaps you might be interested in this event notice.  The sponsoring group, Radical Joy for Hard Times, occupies a unique place among the groups responding to our global spiritual / warming crisis, one that recognizes the need for us to engage our grief and dismay.  The notice comes from a member of RJHT's board and a dear friend of mine in the New York-New Jersey Pachamama Alliance Community.  Please forward this to Alice McMechen, whose email I can't locate at the moment, and to any others you feel might respond to the special nature of the event planned. 

I send with this email my sincere hope that you and your loved ones will find a way to have a satisfying Holiday Observance despite the pandemic restrictions.

Thank you!
Keith Voos  

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Dear friends,

I send this to you as an offering, a long cleansing breath, to be taken in after this very difficult year.   So much loss, so much grief.  I hope you will join me in this virtual gathering, lasting from 12 noon to 5 pm EST on Sunday, January 10.   There will be a short panel discussion, 2 sharing circles, a traditional Oneida ceremony, and we will end with a DJ'd dance party.   Check out the schedule at   Radical Joy for Hard Times is an organization on whose board I sit, founded on the premise that we won't survive these times with grace if we don't take the time to mourn our losses.

Love to you all,

Media Contact:
Name: Trebbe Johnson
Title: Founder/Director
Phone: (570) 396-0293
Email address: trebbe@...

Name: Katie Case
Title: Executive Assistant
Phone: (678) 523-6234
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Multi-faceted online event to include discussions, ceremony, and even a dance
Although the world around us looks much the same as it did a year ago, we are all living in a profoundly changed environment. The coronavirus has killed more than 1.5 million people, and just about everyone has lost something—a beloved family member, a job, a home, a high school graduation, a dream. To acknowledge the gravity of this pandemic and its consequences and to support people in moving through a nightmare that has not yet ended, the nonprofit organization Radical Joy for Hard Times will hold an online event, The Global Day of Mourning, on January 10, 2021.

The date of the event was chosen to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the first officially recorded death from the disease, of a man in Wuhan, China, on January 11, 2020. 

“In our culture, grief is a thing to be avoided, to be muscled through,” says Francis Weller, author and facilitator of workshops on the process of confronting and healing from grief, and one of the guests at an online panel on the day of the event. But when we are willing to confront our grief and admit the ways it has broken us down, we become, not more broken and depressed, as many people fear, but feeling more in touch with reality and emboldened to face life in a new way.

Along with Weller, the panel discussion, which begins at noon EST, features Dr. Marty K. Casey, the dynamic organizer of UnGUN Institute, helping African American families recover from the trauma of gun violence. Other events planned for the day include suggestions for how people can observe the day of mourning with friends and family; “sharing circles,” in which small groups can voice their stories about life under COVID; a traditional Iroquois Encouragement Ceremony led by Oneida elder Artley Skenandore; and a DJ’d dance on Zoom, during which people around the world will be able to dance together from grief to joy.

Radical Joy for Hard Times, the sponsor of the event, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people confront the loss of loved places due to human or natural acts and rekindle a relationship with those places by making spontaneous offerings of “guerrilla beauty” there. Previous projects have included The Ground Beneath Our Hearts in 2015, when ten communities around the rld that have been severely affected by mineral exploitation participated in a day of celebrating life in those challenged places, and Raise a Glass to the Catskills in 2018, an acknowledgment of gratitude from the citizens of New York City to residents of the Catskills towns upstate who lost their homes and land when the city dammed local rivers to construct reservoirs for drinking water.

For more information and schedule, see the Radical Joy for Hard Times website.

For Raise a Glass to the Catskills in 2018, New Yorkers made toasts with their exceptionally pure drinking water to upstate residents, many of whose ancestors lost their homes a century ago when rivers were dammed for reservoirs. Photo by Jann Klose
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