Zoom changes affecting IMM

Melissa Travis Dunham


As you may know, Zoom has experienced various security and privacy problems as that software has suddenly become critical infrastructure during this time of Covid-19. The company continues to monitor threats and implement new safety procedures. The IMM Communications Committee is working to keep up on those changes and manage our Zoom accounts as necessary. For the most part this is happening behind the scenes, but there are 2 important changes to the Zoom software that you should be aware of if you go online to attend our IMM events via Zoom. If you are calling in by phone, you should not experience any changes.

1. Passwords for meetings.  All Zoom meetings must now have a password. Our various IMM Zoom meetings have been updated to require a password to join the meeting online. Meeting links with password information have been shared with individuals or committees who have requested Zoom meetings. The Zoom meetings for  Meeting for Worship, Daily Check Ins and Religious Education nights now have the password "friends" (all lowercase, without the quotes). The links to these events have been updated in our calendar and on our website ( to include the password. If you have saved or bookmarked those links you'll need to update the link or enter password friends (all lowercase). Those calling in by phone should not have to enter a password.

2. Software update. Everyone who uses Zoom online or via mobile app must download a new version of Zoom (version 5.0) by May 30. If you haven't downloaded a fresh version of Zoom this month, you should do so before next weekend. You can download the application from the Zoom website: If you don't update your version of Zoom by May 30, you will be forced to do so before you can join a Zoom Zoom meeting. It doesn't take long to download the new version, but be prepared to spend a few minutes doing that soon.

As always, if you have any questions related to Zoom please let me know.

Melissa Travis Dunham
for the Communications Committee