Worship Sharing: What is the “IMM Community?”


The reports packet for this weekend's Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business will not be available until tomorrow, unfortunately. Keep an eye out for it, so you'll have time to review it before Sunday. Below, please find the worship sharing prompts for this month's reflection. As I mentioned last week, we are going to integrate regular worship sharing into our Meetings for Business for the next several months. These will include a quote, article, topic, etc. and some queries to consider released in advance. The first ~25 minutes of MfB will afford a chance to offer ministry and reflections on the subject, with no specific decisions to be made or next steps to consider.

Worship Sharing: What is the “IMM Community?”

As a member of the IMM community and now serving as its clerk, I have had many, many, many conversations with Friends over the years about, well, US. One thing that has become clearer to me in recent months is that who and what the “IMM community” actually is can be radically different to different Friends, including those that consider themselves a part of it. 

Please consider the following queries:

1) Who and what is the IMM Community?

2) Are there differences between a spiritual/religious community and other kinds of communities? What are they, and do they matter? 

3) What are you doing that strengthens the IMM Community? What are you doing that diminishes the IMM Community?

4) What is the IMM Community doing that strengthens you. What is the IMM Community doing that diminishes you?