URGENT Need for Quaker Mentors for NYYM Young Friends


See Marissa's message below.


I hope you have had a wonderful and restful week with people that you love. I have sent several emails and have received very little response. We need your help!

We currently do not have nearly enough prospective mentors signed up to support young adults through the NYYM mentoring program. The success of this program hinges on experienced Friends stepping up to share what they know and walk with seekers on their spiritual journeys. Please share this information with all the Friends you know! 

Mentors are not expected to be Quaker experts or to have all the answers to sign up! And signing up doesn't even mean that a person will necessarily get a match. Our goal is to get a pool of prospective mentors so that we can faithfully match seekers with those who fit into where they are and what they need on their spiritual journey.

If you have signed up in the past and don't feel like doing the form again, you can just email me and we can roll your information over from last year. And if you feel overwhelmed by the form, you can also reach out to me or Chase and we can take your information in another way. 

Access the full information packet at https://bit.ly/nyymmentoring2021 and sign up at https://bit.ly/nyymmentoringinterest2021. The deadline to sign up is November 30.

With love and gratitude,

Marissa Badgley, MSW
Interim Young Adult Director
New York Yearly Meeting
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