Transition of the IMM listserv

Marin E. Clarkberg

Ithaca Monthly Meeting email list is moving
The IMM Communications Committee will be transitioning our Meeting listserv from the Cornell-based, Lyris system to our new system. This change will happen automatically; you do not have to do anything to sign up for the new service.

The listservs were introduced last fall and many Friends have already joined one or more of those groups. As of the afternoon of Sunday, June 28, we will be moving everyone from our old lyris listserv to our new listserv. At that time, we will be retiring the old email service. 

Your email address that is being switched over is the one this email is addressed to:

What does this mean for me?
If you’ve already joined our listserv, you don’t have to do anything other than to start using the new email address when you want to post announcements (see, "How does the listserv work?" below).

If you have not yet joined the listserv, we will automatically add you to the Announcements list. When we do that on June 28th:
  • You will receive a form email with the subject "You have been added to the group", and
  • The email will contain a link to a survey asking if you’d like to be added to one or both IMMRSF subgroups: Witness and Community. 

If you do absolutely nothing in response to the email, you will still be subscribed to the Announcements list.

How does the listserv work?
Once you are moved over, you should receive messages in your email just as you do now. The only change is the email address you enter when you're sending a message to the group. Instead of putting IMMRSF-L@cornell in the “to” line of your email, you will put  

Why are there three lists?
The different lists allow people to choose what they want to receive.
  • Announcements is only for news and events of Ithaca Monthly Meeting or wider Quaker bodies. Since this is the core list, we want to keep the focus narrow and specific. (This list most closely mirrors how we have used the Cornell listserv in the past.)
  • Witness is for messages related to Quaker testimonies or witness. This is where we can share information about social justice, peace witness, or Earthcare events, activities, or information. To send messages to this listserv, put in the To: line of your email.
  • Community is for sharing more general information, notices, questions, and happenings we want to share with our Meeting community. The purpose of the Community list is to build social connections among the members and attenders of IMM. To send messages to this listserv, put in the To: line of your email.

If you’re not certain how the three new listservs work together, please read this article on which listserv to use. 

Please let us know if you have any questions related to this transition.

Communications Committee:
Marin Clarkberg (clerk), Melissa Travis Dunham, Nancy Riffer
120 Third Street • Ithaca NY 14850