Sign Up to Be a Mentor w/ New York Yearly Meeting

Dear Friends,
We are still looking for Friends to serve as mentors in NYYM's mentoring program for young adults. The deadline to apply is Sunday, October 18. Pleaase share the information with your members and attenders!! All information is available at Folks can sign up directly at

There is no prescribed formula for a good mentor, and we are seeking mentors of diverse experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, and personalities. Indeed, a mentor that is perfect for one person may not be what another person needs. We do not expect people to come with us with experience or knowledge about being a good mentor and will provide training and continuous support! Who do you know who may possess some (and certainly not all) of the following characteristics and qualities?


Aware of personal privilege and bias 

Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion 

Committed to positive growth
Connection maker
Conscious of confidentiality
Creative and playful
Good listener
Great at asking questions
Kind and supportive
Knowledgeable about Quaker faith and practice 

Loving and compassionate
Mindful of the third way
Nonjudgmental, seek to understand
On their own spiritual path
Open to experimentation
Open to feedback
Open to proposing perspectives rather than imposing them 

Resourceful and willing to share resources

Please encourage people who have these characteristics to sign up, even if they are just curious about the program. Not all prospective mentors who sign up will receive a match in this round and there will also be the opportunity to bow out if it doesn't feel like a good fit. 

Let me know if you have any questions!!.  

With love and gratitude,

Marissa Badgley, MSW
Interim Young Adult Director
New York Yearly Meeting
Pronouns: she, her, hers
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