Quaker Webinar on financial reform to avert crises

Ruth Yarrow

Eco-Justice Webinar,  February 23, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Why the Crises We Face Make Financial Reform Essential

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How can we possibly pay for all the social and physical infrastructure that will be needed to deal with the multitude of social and ecological crises we face, and to create an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable economy and society?

Three reform bills were introduced in the out-going Congress that would go a long way toward financing the kind of transformation that’s needed. We think it’s really important for Friends know about them to anticipate a time when these kinds of reforms can be achieved with our support.

Our guests will be Ellen Brown, founder and current chair of the Public Banking Institute, and Walt McRee, her long-time colleague and the Institute’s Chair Emeritus. They will explain and answer questions about how these bills would help finance public investments that are needed and describe another essential reform for creating an economy in which we can survive and thrive on Planet Earth.