Neighborhood Outreach Committee update

Nancy Riffer

As you may know, the Northside United listserv has been having a lengthy discussion of how to respond to gunshots in the neighborhood. They are setting up a meeting for the northside community to consider how they want to proceed. Karen Friedeborn has been supporting them in finding a place to meet -- in person or online. If you would like to join the listserv send an email to lindaholzbaur@...

In a recent email, Linda Holzbaur, a long time board member, sent the following message of appreciation of the support of IMM to the Northside United listserv.

That reminds me that we have gained many more subscribers over the past half year or so and you may not know that the Ithaca Monthly Meeting (commonly called Quakers) have really acted as Northside's fairy godparent since the very beginning. They helped us set up the organization and have supported us financially. They held the very first (once-annual) Northside celebration (suspended due to you-know-what in 2020-21). They have never, ever told us what to do but have participated financially, emotionally and as boosters and supporters in every Northersider effort to create a strong neighborhood. In fact, they just made a very generous donation to keep us going. In the past their financial support helped us hire a childcare worker for in-person meetings, pay for our newsletters (and I think we will produce an issue soon), buy refreshments and covered rentals for our annual celebration. The Quaker meeting house is at 120 3rd Street, the SW corner of 3rd and Madison. 

The Neighborhood Outreach Committee wanted to pass on this message to the Meeting.