Meeting for Healing request

Marin E. Clarkberg

From Dreia; Please repond to Dreia directly (email above and below):


Friends, I have received a request from someone from IMM for a Meeting for Healing. Her husband is dealing with cancer and the onset of chemotherapy in August. I am inviting Friends to join me in prayer, holding in the Light, or directing healing energy - friends conceive of the process in various ways - towards this individual in need.


It will not be necessary to meet in person or by Zoom for this purpose, but I think the effect of our individual efforts might be magnified if some of us could find a common time to work together on this. I suggest that 20 minutes is about my limit for the kind of focused concentration that I would hope to bring to this process. Perhaps after an initial session, we could see if we felt led to repeat it on a regular basis.


Though ongoing Meetings for Healing are common at other meetings, IMM has not had one since Dick and Melody laid one down seven or eight years ago. The best descriptions of the intentions and practice of Meetings for Healing  are in the introduction to George Fox's Book of Miracles, and Marcelle Martin's Pendle Hill pamphlet on "Holding One Another in the Light." I would be happy to talk with anyone who is interested in hearing more about the process. Dick or Melody might be willing to share their experience, as well.


If you would like to participate, please let me know which times of the week would suit you best. You need not respond if you are not interested. All are welcome.


Blessings, Dreia  <ASpies@...>