Hybrid Meeting for Worship in September

Barbara Chase


For those of you who weren’t at Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business on August 8, I thought I would give you information regarding plans for Sunday Meetings for Worship for the month of September.

As you know, due to much lower COVID cases in June and early July, more people coming to in-person worship, and burnout among people doing tech, we took a break from hybrid Meeting for Worship in August.

However, there has been a significant spike in COVID-19 cases in late July and early August in Tompkins County. We understand that with this spike in cases, some people who felt comfortable coming to in-person worship may no longer be comfortable doing do.

Ministry and Worship believes it is important to provide a way for as many people as possible in the IMM community to participate in Meeting for Worship on Sunday mornings. Therefore for the 4 Sundays in September, we will have hybrid Meeting for Worship from the Third Street Meetinghouse using our existing tech setup. You may also participate in worship in-person at TSMH or at the Hector Meetinghouse.

Ministry and Worship will continue discernment regarding choices for Meeting for Worship beyond September.

I am the new clerk of the Ministry and Worship Committee and would be happy to hear from anyone in the Meeting who wishes to discuss these matters.

Barbara Chase