FCNL on Ukraine

Ruth Yarrow

FCNL Statement on Ukraine


As Russian troops invade Ukraine, we stand in solidarity and sympathy with the people of Ukraine, the people of Russia, and all those in the region whose lives will be torn apart by war. We join the international community in condemning these illegal actions taken by Russian leaders. We urge President Putin to immediately withdraw all Russian military forces from all areas of Ukraine and to return to the table for diplomatic negotiations to resolve this crisis.

The only solution is diplomacy—not further violence. Lasting peace can only be achieved through peaceful means.

The United States government and Congress must rightly condemn this Russian invasion of Ukraine. But sending more weapons to Ukraine will not resolve the crisis. Yet, right now, the House and Senate are working on legislation to send hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of weapons to Ukraine. 

We are also deeply concerned that new massive and broad sanctions imposed on Russia will not just impact Russian leadership, but further harshen the lives of ordinary people in Ukraine, Russia, and the region.

More weapons don’t make people safer, and broad punitive sanctions always hurt the poorest and most vulnerable. We must increase our lines of diplomacy, not our flow of weapons.

Tell your lawmakers that diplomacy is the best way to protect human lives and avoid further suffering. 

from Jim Cason, Friends Committee on National Legislation (2/24/2022