Earthcare agenda for meeting on March 6

Margaret McCasland

12:30 today.  all are welcome

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Forgot to add the latest IPCC  report -  The UN keeps warning while we are still wrangling over the basics in the Supreme Court - it’s terrifying  

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Hi all 

March meeting is coming up.   

Agenda is 
  • Kiss the Ground movie and talk by Timothy Woods (now in newsletter) - Regenerative Agriculture

  • Annual Report 

  • Restarting Project Abundance

  • Mother’s Up-front in Albany Tues. March 8. NY Renews - (take a look at this website before Sunday’s meeting, and also see who is in their coalition).  Should we think of a way we can contribute.   $15 billion in the NY State budget for climate, jobs, and justice.

  • Lack of mention of Climate Change in State of the Union address
  • What else?