can you help?

Carolyn Kenyon


Do you check your email daily? IMM needs one person who checks their email once a day to be the Meeting House Scheduler. No committee meetings required. The Scheduler simply receives and responds to requests for meeting house space. See email below from Carol Clarke, the outgoing scheduler.

If you can provide this service for Ithaca Monthly Meeting, please contact Carolyn Kenyon, Nominations Committee, at clkenyon09@... or 607 277-3014.

Lately there have suddenly been many more requests than I've gotten this whole year - because people who have done things outside all summer suddenly want to come inside.  I find that I have to look at the email inbox where usage requests are made nearly every day and there are always one or two emails with questions about existing reservations, or new reservation requests, etc.  Responding to these requests doesn't take more than a few minutes, and definitely not more than 15 minutes a day, but it does require steady attention.  
Carol Clarke